‘let it go’ What CBT did for me

‘I wanna stuff some chocolate in my face’

‘Let it go, let it go. Can’t hold it back anymore. Let it go, let it go. Turn away and slam the door!’

Ok, so I’ve become obsessed with Disney films and music lately, but it’s helping me so much, that and action movies. very bizarre. I have a lot on this week and for a while I’ve been wanting to dip back into my bible. (My cbt folder) It was back in September last year that I got assessed and put forward for this and I now realise at the time it hadn’t had its full effect. I know you shouldn’t necessarily read what you wrote in dark times, but I am quite shocked at what was actually going on and I am so proud of myself for getting through this. Obviously I couldn’t have done it without the help of Sarah my therapist and my friend and family.

The above is what was my goals and what I had achieved and to stick with it. I think that’s why I am always looking for quotes and after watching Meet The Robinson’s (Disney animation version which is just beautiful) I ended up falling in love with the following quote:


On FB someone posted this ‘I accept the challenge to post 3 positive things for 3 consecutive days’

These are mine so far

Saturday –

1. I have a proper hangover
2. I am finally happy even though I have off days
3. I have a fab bunch of friends and amazing family

Sunday –
1. Having a lazy Sunday after a hangover
2. I’m starting to believe I can do this
3. I love book club

Monday –

1. How far I’ve come since September

2. I’m happy with my weight even if my clothes aren’t

3. I can do this!

So it may have taken 4 years and the loss of a relationship, two deaths, Loss of two jobs in 6 months, being unemployed for the second time in my life, *shudders* But I still have my health, my house, my book clubs, and most of all my friends and family.

Oh and these sites http://www.llttf.com/  especially this one, look up the poison parrot –  http://www.getselfhelp.co.uk/

So listen to music, cry your heart out over a soppy film, go for a walk, but most of all remember to breathe.

Thank you for reading



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