Mad as a box of frogs

Apparently I am as mad as a box of frogs πŸ˜€ so I looked it up and I think they might be right. P.S. If you want something kept discrete don’t ask me πŸ˜€ shouting ‘Anne, where’s the toilet as they gentleman would like to use it’ πŸ˜€
Mad as a box of frogs
Very mad, but typically refers to someone in the public eye. Of course, as the very idea of putting frogs in a box is eccentric to say the least, one who is very mad can be said to be; As mad as a box of frogs
The origins of this phrase are very simple…One fine morning, a gentleman called Bartholomew woke to the sound of Autumn.

He went down to his fishing pond to collect breakfast, Rainbow Trout none the less.

Upon his arrival he was greeted with a most sinister occurance…he could identify not a fish in sight! More to his amazement was the sheer volume of Frog spawn.

To cut a long story short, the spawn produced a phalanx of Frogs. To liberate his beloved Rainbow Trout from the scourge of the Frog, he acquired many boxes. In these boxes, he carefully gathered up all the Frogs he could find and firmly closed the lid. In a frenzy of panic, the now captured amphibious creatures leapt within their recycled prison cells in a feeble attempt to escape.

So there you have it, put a some frogs in a box and they’ll go mad.

Mad as a box of frogs.


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