Wear Sunscreen -Part 3

Although not everyone can take a trip out to the seaside, once in a while just stop everything. Go do something different, no phone, no internet. Enjoy the air, Enjoy something new. I went in the sea again same as last year but didn’t get as wet. I made sandcastles, I’m 34 but it made me feel at peace. Be around people you love. I could have come home yesterday but I couldn’t be on my own. We’re only human so don’t be afraid when things get tough to seek a little comfort. I may be red raw but I had an amazing time. I just have to keep going. I have amazing friends and family and of course book club. I am also going to take up photography again and observe the world around me.

As for the KES book its something  that has stayed with me since childhood, well the film at least. Revisit something you loved and see how it makes you feel.

Wear sunscreen. Take time out. Its needed.

Thank you for reading



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