Wear Sunscreen -Part 2

Life is like a box of chocolates

I love this film. I’m also love the quote. I love chocolate to.

I have three more rejections of job applications. and two ere online.  I either need a course on it or its just damn bad luck. Today I nearly cried in the supermarket whilst picking posh cheese to have with my rivita. I had had a busy few days and have been left wondering what on earth is going to happen to me. I was having a moment. I pulled myself together and remembered the time I had bad PMT and cried over the andrex puppy getting trapped in the loo roll, he/she was ok, but for some reason it triggered me off. I have no idea why the cheese made me do this but I think I was just exhausted about all the things I’ve been thinking about. That’s why I was so glad to go to the seaside yesterday and try to forget it all. Hence the title because silly me forgot about the sunscreen and wa la I’m a mini lobster/ crabstick. I even have patches on my knees and thighs. ouchy. I have bought after-sun and sun-cream and will be applying it constantly from now on.  So listen to the song, its not just about sun-cream.

Thank you for reading



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