My love of reading

I have a few job interviews lines up and one question I was asked yesterday was ‘What are your career ambitions or life ambitions’ For starters I’ve never been career orientated as such I just wanted a good job that I loved. Now that I have the chance to do anything I’m not really sure. At the job centre today for my ‘how are you doing appointment’ I asked about interview’s and he led me to a lady (who turns out lives on my street – spooky) Anyway when I asked her if they ask me to talk about a subject for 5 minutes what should I say, I said do I talk about something I love like book club or something to do with their company. She asked why I’m so passionate about it, and my love of reading. I told her its because its the one thing since childhood that I’ve loved. We never had much as children after my Dad took ill. Mum would make sure we were kept busy by drawing, painting, reading. We would often visit the library and come back with armful of books. When we were out and about our pocket money would be spent on what we liked. Mum would visit charity shops and we would sit in the book section looking through the books, ideal for Mum as we could get absorbed in it. I remember school holidays were spent is running about in the nearby fields, playing hide and seek or football, or sat in the garden reading. Once I left school I think it dipped until I spent the summer at my Aunt’s and read Harry Potter to my young cousins, then I was hooked again. Once at uni it was on and off depending on my work load. Then uni finished and I ended up staying in a caravan for a few months and this is where I met Mr Darcy. A 30p copy from the charity shop of Pride and Prejudice and hey presto I was hooked. Then someone told me about the BBC version and I fell in love with Colin Firth.

From then on that was it, I would absorb everything and everything. What I didn’t know then was that I sometimes needed to tell someone about it. But at the time the response would be ‘Don’t talk to me about it as I’m not interested.’ Things changed, I lost the ability to read, I could read a chapter and not know what I read, I think I went a year without reading.

Then being on my own apparently turning into a hermit, someone suggested finding a book club. I found out about world book night in the white swan and behind the bar was a sign for Leeds book Club and you know the rest.

My personal campaign unknown to most is to get everyone reading and to let everyone know its not nerdy or uncool and especially not book club. Its a whole different world. I go to book club, to forget the world. To talk about the book chosen that I did or did not read.  To talk about anything really.

Everyone should read whether you read fiction or not because it gets you to sit still for a while and unbeknown to you help your body heal, and that’s your time to escape from this mad fast paced world.

So come on, pick up a leaflet, a poem book, a hymn book, a comic anything, it can also be electronic but it won’t have that lovely ink on paper smell, or show you how close you have left until the end of the book (yes I know there’s percentages but I don’t know how to work that out)

So start reading today! Even if its just a chapter a day!

Thank you for reading



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