This is happiness



 I went for an interview for a job today the third in five years and I’m finding I’m a bit rusty. Didn’t help having to get larger size clothes from having a bad diet and little exercise in the last few months, but hey I’m happy. I’ve had a lump under my ear for a few weeks, at first it was rock hard and it started to soften a couple of days ago. I must have knocked it when I was washing my hair as I looked in the mirror brown gunge was running down my neck. I spent 10 minutes trying to stop it bleeding and ended up putting a plaster on it. I was hoping if it didn’t stop I could keep my hair down and no one would notice but, thankfully it did and off I went.

I’ve got to say they ask a lot from you these days when applying for jobs. I understand why, but they may as well add your shoe size for the amount of questions they ask.

I’ve always felt that I’ve not been career orientated or sales person, although in one of my jobs I was really good at it and could work with the stock I had to get a sale. One question asked to day was where do you see your career going or an aspect of your life. I replied with ‘I run a book group for book club and I want to get everyone reading. Even if its just a magazine. At Puffins we’re reading books from our childhood and modern ones. It gets people together and gets them talking about something they love. I want to make reading cool as it’s very beneficial to your health. It helps you take time out and you can learn something. You see it doesn’t always have to be fiction, reading a magazine, a biography a non fiction book, a map even. Reading is magic. it exports you off the earth/planet for a bit and if its a really good book, touches you and stays with you for days, almost like your first love/kiss.

I’m at the job centre tomorrow so I’ll be prepping for that, and then for another interview on Friday. Its busy busy busy.

If you have any tips on job hunting, interviews or life in general please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

p.s. I am really happy at the moment and I am so proud of myself for being so.


Thank you for reading



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