Lessons they forget to teach at school

They probably do this now, but what I’ve realised recently being around students is that, we are cocooned until the age of 21 if still in education, or 16 is we decide to leave and tackle the big wide world, is that we should have got told about cost of things budgeting, how to deal with things breaking. I think I’m asking too much here and someone’s going to tell me its the parents role. But when students are off doing a degree and living on their own for the first time, there should possibly be a mini crash course of how to survive in the real world. In my case I feel like I’ve been surrounded by people to long and now after 4 years on my own, no job, no savings and probably no pension, I’ve spent most the day sorting through paperwork, looking for jobs online and trying to plan my week ahead.

Once you leave the comfort of uni, the student prices soon dry up, bills are probably not split 5 ways any more and student discounts suddenly dry up. I rememeber I got a shock when I tried getting a open return train ticket up to Mum’s and what cost me £15 for 3 years was now going to cost £40. Such a big leap. I had to start looking for cheaper options.

One of the things I keep saying to myself is that I need to clear the house. I have looked at moving but for the same price you get a small room in a house and sometimes bills included. only problem is if someone moves out you have to pay their share of the rent. So I decided for now to stay still. Funniest thing is, that this gradual clear out and reorganising has actually made me feel settled. it seems to have taken years for me to finally feel like this, and especially at a point where everything could go tits up.

But do you know what, Although I’m scared too death I’m actually feeling surprisingly happy and content.  The house is finally feeling like a grown up home. Somewhere where I’m not ready to bolt from every morning. I can actually organise myself and sit and work with unlimited coffee.

Although today I got so bored I dug out the pack of googly eyes and started sticking them to everything. They look quite good. I got told about a kids programme called ooglies and watched this episode. The potato is my favourite.  I’m now watching despicable me2 while sorting through he laptop and getting rid of rubbish, along with checking I have everything I need for the rest of the week.

So I hope you’ve had a good weekend, enjoyed the random weather, and have some fab plans for the next week.

Thank you for reading.



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