Can you believe its June already???

I’ve had a bit of a mixed day, job hunting, tidying the house, clearing out, clearing the weeds. Now I’m sat watching the curious case of Benjamin Button and I thought I’d sort out my memory jar. What I’d put in so far and pop it in one of the books I made at Uni. I don’t think I’ve ever made a scrap book. I can’t remember doing it as a kid. I really enjoyed doing it, it gave me a sense of peace to what I’ve thought so far this year.

So why not create your own. Mine has stemmed from CBT and friends suggesting I make one. I’ve not been filling it recently and when I went through it, some of the things surprised me and made me feel slightly better. Try it.

Gratitude jars

‘When I have a down day (we all have them!), a quick glance at my Gratitude Jar reminds me that life is full of wonderful things to be grateful for and I have the strength and support to overcome anything.’

‘Sometimes it’s the simple things that make life wonderful: the beautiful sun rise and the blackberries at the bottom of the garden, to the smile from a stranger, or the encouraging text from a friend.

Taking time to appreciate those moments of joy helps you to cherish your life and yourself.’


‘Every day, write 5 things down that you are grateful for, big things and small. Go through the jar often to remember how good life is! You’ll find yourself searching daily for good things to write down!’

and check this blog  and let me know how you get on

Thank you for reading



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