‘Back to life, back to reality Back to the here and now, yeah’ Part 1

Lyrics from Soul Ii Soul – Back To Life Lyrics | MetroLyrics 

I am back in Leeds after surprising my Mum for her birthday.  The initial plan was to stay until yesterday and be back at work today, as when I had planned it I was still in a job. Now I’m not and after a training session ended 2 hours early I made the biggest decision ever and upgrade my ticket to go spend more time with Mum and Jane. Sounds silly because there wasn’t a question really apart from the doubt of being unemployed and loads of other things going around in my head. Anyway I got the ticket changed text Jane and we were off. My Aunt (Mum’s youngest sister) asked if it was a ‘big’ birthday. I wasn’t sure and was convinced we’d missed it, but no being cheeky I checked with Mum and she was indeed having a big birthday. She’ll kill me for saying but she turned 70. Love you Mum :D.

I think I got carried away with a secret mission and hadn’t read my Aunt’s text properly but went and bought a balloon and a bunch of flowers, a bit different from a balloon and/or a box of chocolates, but its my Mum. I think I got home about 6ish, not sure but Jane said Mum might be in the back garden so I skipped round the back and there was Mum attending some plants and I said ‘Happy Birthday’ with a big cheesy grin, and she nearly fell over backwards, except Milo (Jack Russell) came flying out of no where barking and wiggling.

After the shock Mum went in to see Jane and told her off for keeping it a secret. Hee Hee.


 I’m so glad I decided to change my ticket to. I got to stay for the morning of Mum’s birthday and put up banners and be able to see her open the presents we got and see her face when she saw the books I made of my photography. I think it was the best gift ever. Not just that but all of us together and Milo. Over the weekend we went for a meal at the pub and then we sorted out the hedge. My first time at using a power cutter thingy. Boy was it fun.

I’ve realised in the past few months there’s always been a lesson for me to learn and I’ve never learned it. To look after myself and not rely on anyone else. Any time I’ve had a money problem its always been fixed somehow and I’ve never felt satisfied. Now I have no job, no savings and not sure what to do. I have signed on. But I’m so lost at what my future jobs should be. Who I should be.

For the moment I am concentrating on things I love like reading and photography and of course looking for a job.

Life is so funny. I hope I take from this time a lesson to be learnt.

Thank you for reading



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