Something my Mum taught me.

When we were little, we didn’t have much money. My Dad had took ill and Mum had two small children to look after and entertain. She made sure we were able to enjoy books with frequent trips to the library, and charity shops were amazing for buying books to keep, I still go to them. My brother who is 12 years older than us is an amazing drawer, every time he visited we would ask him to draw something. We always tried to impress him with ours.

From an early age Mum would make us salt dough and get us to be creative, she also got us to draw, starting with stick men and it went from there. My Aunt would bring us old printer paper and we would stick it together to create road maps for my sister’s toy cars, it was amazing.

I’ve recently started looking after my friend’s two little boys while she goes for a run once or twice a week, and I’ve been trying to find to keep them busy, other than hide and seek and lets attack Helen. So far drawing and pirate sticker books seem to be working and the odd story, depending what mood they’re in. Tonight I was given some paper from work and thought, I know what we can do with that, and so a road map began. My friend also drew her eldest a treasure map so I copied :D. See what you can do with a piece of paper and felt tip pens. 😀

P.S. Thank you Mum for what you taught us, I’ve never forgotten.

Thank you for reading



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