Da Da daaaaaaa!!!!!!

It’s bank holiday weekend and I’m back at mine after staying at  friends to help dog sit and also get fed properly. My friends were looking after their neighbours dogs and asked if I could help on Saturday. I jumped at the chance because I always feel refreshed once I’ve been there. Sometimes being in my own house everything starts to weigh down on me and with any situation if you step away from it for a bit you’ll find you can tackle the problems better no matter how small.

Da Da Da!

So after seeing the trailer billions of times on one of my DVD’s I finally get to see the Croods and since then all I can do is ‘da da da’ (see above its so cute)

It’s been two hours since I got back and as usual got pretty much nothing done apart from putting some washing on and doing a bit of food shopping. pah! I need to job search, tidy the house and design some booklets so I can show people my photographs and stuff. I also have a lot to catch up with book club but at least my homework for Puffins is done ahead of schedule, now’s a chance for me to read what I want, but there’s two much to choose from eeekkkkkssss!!!

So (keep starting with that word) I need to get going get house clean, and get down to some work. Lots to do and need to be a bit more strict with myself.

Have a good bank holiday if I don’t blog later

Thank you for reading



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