One sunny Sunday morning

Well what a week. First I lose something that I love doing then I lose my job followed by all sorts of other things that make me feel like I’m back at school and my teacher telling me I’m not good enough and that I wouldn’t go far. I then go on to share something on Facebook without realising truly what offence it caused and all hell breaks loose. Silly stupid me.

Yesterday I decided to do something for me, and spent the whole day in and out of the house taking camera equipment around Leeds. I also went down the the bridge by the docks and put a few locks on with special messgaes. I would show you now but as we everything this week, my sd card reader broke and I can’t transfer the pictures across.

Yesterday I felt fine, I was buzzing completely happy, trying not to think about what is going to happen in these next few weeks and the impending doom of unemployment. Last time I went to the job centre they were completely rude and said I was over qualified and most likely not to get help. I’ve heard things from my sister to about how they treat you and I am really not looking forward to that. So today I am feeling like I’m in the pit of despair

In the meantime today is planned to be ‘sort my life out and redo CV day’ so far I have taken my camera out, made a bacon butty and tried to dig myself out of this depressing mood. So far it’s not working and I’m sat on the doorstep with my laptop writing this and moaning to the world. 😀

On the plus side I’m proud of how I pulled myself back together this week, I did feel like I had hit rock bottom again, but what good would that do. I’ve had an amazing time these last few months and there’s a smile back on my face, and I’ve been the most creative I’ve ever been in years, so I must enjoy while I can. I just need to stop getting used by negative people and try my hardest to succeed again. I would much rather someone give me a break but I don’t think that’s in my destiny or whatever you call it.

So to Sunday, let’s get the house sorted, get that set of shelving down and get job hunting. After all I do have one of the best book clubs in Leeds 😀 (Puffins)

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