How not to get your work done: Part one

Drop everything for a chance to go to IKEA as you haven’t been in months and come back with a table (normally candles)

A suggestion to look around Ikea ended up in a spark of inspiration and unexpected purchase after a table hunt, I love it! I put it together alll by myself in about 20mins and its still standing.

At least now I can have a spot near the window and feel like I’m getting some work done.

This was my to do list today

Morning progess:

* Jazz up CV – X

* Clean house – 80%

* Get cooking oil and buns from shop 

* Dig self out of pit of despair – status bar still loading

* Get washing down – still on round 1 now 2 (16:13)

This afternoon

*CV -x

*Job hunt -x

*Sort bag out for tomorrow -x

* Decide what photos to get printed -x

*Finish book -Curious Incident of dog in night time -x

*Enjoy a bit of sunshine –

What not mean’t to do:

* Have laptop in 3 feet feet area of where superglue is incase it expodes and drops land on screen and leaves residue all over it *idiot*

* Eat a whole pack of chocolate biscuits because of the above happening

 * got to IKEA and buy a table, but it was so much fun!


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