The pitfalls of being happy

I’ve finally started to be creative again. I have tried to get myself to relax and sit still and sometimes I can’t read which is a bit frustrating. My sister bought me a book – how to draw monsters. It’s for kids but I love it. I’ve had the craft box out and I’ve been drawing. I then got a dragons/dinosaur/pirate books to copy from to keep me going. I might even attempt to draw a puffin but we’ll see.

I am beginning to lose count with the amount of people who keep falling out with me because I haven’t spoken to them in a while, been to busy learning a computer programme or just trying to get myself through everyday. I can’t understand why they are doing this or blaming me when I’ve told them countless times what I have on my plate and that if they need me, all they have to do is ring me. Do what my sister does. Ring me at 7am before I go to work. It stopped for a while because of issues I can’t discuss and I didn’t realise how much I missed it until Dangermouse started playing yesterday morning. I had to ring her at lunchtime yesterday for a pep talk, but we either text or facebook or something. Others seem to think I’ve fallen out with them or if I can’t do something due to work commitments, that I’m not interested any more. It is simply not that. I have so much on there’s only so much I can do and when things settle down then you will have my full attention, believe me. But for now I am having fun and hoping, really hoping that things are finally changing for the better.

GIMUNGUS car of joffee (yes thats what I said about it)

Last weekend I was at my friend’s who I hadn’t seen in a few weeks because I had to get some work out of the way and this is what she presented me with (lego keyring added for effect) Funniest thing was I had nearly run out and was wondering what to do about it and now I have a gigantic jar! Should keep me going for another month 😀

Yesterday I went into a charity shop, not sure why, but came out with 7 children’s books, two of which I needed the other because they were so pretty or might come in useful for bookclub. I found a beautifully illustrated version of Chitty Chitty Bang bang. see below.

Then today I went back to look at the vases, I was wondering if they had anything quirky and again got distracted by books and when I went to pay I ended up talking to the lady about bookclub and may have recruited another Puffin after she asked me to write all the details down. (so proud!)

So remember when someone else is happy, don’t get jealous, don’t get mad, with them if they lose touch for a while as you don’t know what journey they are on, plus what’s stopping you ringing them??? I mean half the time I want to fall asleep when I get home, I know others do so lets all make time for each other and send messages, ring, email,snail mail (took me 3 months to sort out making postcards ad sending one) Just keep in touch with each other and every so often reach out face-to-face or talking. Just don’t rely so much on texting (shudders) its where everything goes wrong.

Until next time!

Thank you for reading


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