You know its time to move when……

after 3 months of stress and life changing completely and for the better that you should have cleaned the house at least once. I did wash up of course but only when I ran out of stuff. But the hoovering and dusting and other stuff, I left it and my first Saturday where I decided I needed to be at home and sort it all and realising the house is to big for little me and like my sister said it was possibly one of the worst mistakes I made, but hey we’re not perfect and its taught me some good lessons. One how far your money spreads when your single. That relying on one income can be very scary especially to have took 3 years and the thought of how the bills seem to climb higher and higher. 😦

However its also one of the best things I have done. It may work but I am quite content with what I have but I do need a smaller place, but not to small. I love living on my own. I just miss the company and someone to share the chores, as I really hate washing up and after a long busy day at work you just want to crash out on the sofa.

I’m loving how my life is turning out. So much has changed and I just have to keep up the hard work and hopefully it’ll continue. I’m finally realising I do have some talent and that I must have learned something from uni and now I that I’m able to experiment and design and workout what medium to print on and there’s so much to print on at work that I find myself waking up at 5am on a morning, saying I can do this that and then I need to make this.

I have ordered a book on indesign just to help with a a few tips and Its like lightbulb moments when everything clicks into place and I finally get what a leading edge is and what way to flip the paper.

Life is good.

During the week was one of those moments I wish I did what I said I had. I mean I wish I had gone straight to bed and not gone on Facebook and perhaps thought a minute about what I was doing. My niece who I haven’t seen in over 10 years and is now coming up to 15 years of age contacted me on facebook. instead of letting digest I found her Mum and contacted her and told her what was going on. My niece had found my sister to and was probably trying to reach out to us. Now I’ll sound hypocritical. I really don’t want to be reunited via fb with someone so young who to me is a small 5 year old girl who went through so much and not see her face to face. Text base stuff can cause so many problems. People say what they want that they don’t say via speech and if not worded properly or depending on the recipients view can be taken the wrong way and can sometimes be used against you. as its seen as solid evidence.

I don’t know why I’m telling you this but, since this has happened her fb page got taken down. I feel bad but I didn’t want to start things without her Mum knowing for it to later blow up and lose her again completely. I just hope she understands that i wasn’t only protecting me I was protecting her. I just hope when she’s older I can take her for a drink and explain it all to her.

Thank you for reading



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