‘Just keep swimming’

I need to switch off, I need to switch off, I need to switch off. Something has been bugging me for ages and when its over hopefully it will be the end of it. I can’t do anything about it and yet my CBT taught me not to let it build up but its snuck up on me and last week I convinced myself it was Mother’s Day this weekend and I got to work early on Friday so I could make my Mum a collage as I can’t get oop north yet. It was my first day on my own in the department and panic struck after I went to open the cupboard and the door came off in my hand 😦 then I lost my keys, they were right in front of me. if you want to hide something put it right in front of them and at eye level. No one will see it!

Anyway, since my life changed so much I’m relying on my brain/memory not good so I’ve got the filofax out and intend to keep it close to me as possible. I will need to note every little thing down just until I get used to the new hectic lifestyle. I think its because I’m absorbing so much new information and worrying about everything else, when I don’t, for the first time in my life want to be dragging the past along with me. I finally want to shut some doors and get on with it. Hopefully tomorrow will be that day. fingers and toes crossed.

P.S. My Mum loved the fact I got it so mixed up it’ll keep her laughing for months

Thank you for reading




2 thoughts on “‘Just keep swimming’

  1. Hugs H!
    For the record, I think you’re tremendous. And your life is in a TOTALLY different sphere now from a few months ago. You’ve done that, made those positive changes happen.

    So just keep swimming, let it go, circle of life and ALL the Disney songs!


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