I simply must be dreaming

Hello, so sorry for the quietness, but I’ve been through a bit of a rough time lately along with changing jobs and other things. However everything has turned out better than I could have hoped for or even dreamed it could be.

I have landed myself a temporary job at my old university. I am a Senior Learning Officer in Photography. It’s amazing. When I was at uni they (the technicians as they were called back then I think) were amazing, and now I get to work alongside them. I was 21 when I started at Leeds and now over 10 years later, I’m back and to me nothing much has changed apart from I’m seeing from the other side and giving a little back.

It’s so much fun. I get to use the darkroom and develop film and photographs and get paid!!!! I get to do workshops teaching students, which is even more exciting after I went on the train the trainer course with VAL a few months back. I have the skills and knowledge to get students learning traditional film processing, I’m like a kid in a sweet shop about this. You can ask my sister. I haven’t shut up about it once!

So far I have taken 3 films and developed them learned a bit about studio lighting, I did it as part of one of my jobs a few years back, but we didn’t get to experiment much so now’s my chance. I have borrowed some books from work/uni and I’m doing homework outside of uni while also keeping up to date with book club. I seem to have more time on my hands which is a bonus. Another bonus is  a lunch break and unlimited coffee as long as I remember to take in the milk 😀 x

As they say, if things aren’t going to plan or seem to be going downhill, just remember there’s always something better around the corner. 😀 I didn’t believe it until now.


Thank you for reading



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