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When the librarian says…

‘it’s nice to see people borrow books rather than come to the library to use the computers’

Come on people use the library more for borrowing books it’s free! plus if you need a book that’s not in it costs as little as 90p!

So what are you waiting for!…..


It’s all about the print

I’m trying my hardest to get my head around the programme indesign and how to design and print booklets and I think I just had a lightbulb moment as I managed to print double sided on my home computer!!!!

Thhis book arrived to day! only £3 and it has a plastic cover!!!

new book!!!!
new book!!!!




This is the first booklet that I printed at work:booklet

I have also been trying so many different techniques. I’m back in the darkroom and have been producing photograms and then using the copystand to photograph my work then take it through photoshop to add some effects and use quotes from songs.


The photogram represents a unique art form requiring only the action of light on a photosensitive substrate.

The history of photography is punctuated by practitioners who have developed a technique or style that has become a part of art history.  The first period of “photogram” exploration was to gain scientific record of natural objects (e.g. Anna Atkins).  The second period was a rediscovery of the artistic potential as illustrated by Christian Schad, Man Ray and Lazlo Moholy-Nagy in the Dada, Surrealist and Constructivist periods of art, respectively.

More recently, photogramists have utilized the photogram as a means of artistic expression to produce a wide variety of designs and surreal imagery.

This imagery is being created using traditional silver-gelatin black and white materials and other photosensitive media including cyanotype that are now considered alternative methods. Others are using both negative and positive acting color photographic materials to create photograms.


This is one of my favourites.

Whilst cleaning I came downstairs to find my indesign book had been delivered and had landed in the pile of rubbish. I got ridiculously giddy and after lunch sat down and started finishing off my booklet. I got so obsessed with doing photograms with the tapes and printing on neon paper I wanted to make something that could be bound into a little book. I also want to do some postcards with the above design and possibly some stickers. the possibilities are endless.

So here is my little book designed on indesign and printed double sided on my a4 hp printer. I love my printer so much. It’s amazing what you can do with technology these days.

And finally, completely unrelated. I did an fb quiz on colours and this is what turned up. I think its spot on:

 Red:  You seem to thrive off of your own internal energy source and give off your own heat. If there’s work to be done or a problem to get solved, you are the superhero that your friends rely on. Your friends wonder if you ever sleep.

Thank you for reading


You know its time to move when……

after 3 months of stress and life changing completely and for the better that you should have cleaned the house at least once. I did wash up of course but only when I ran out of stuff. But the hoovering and dusting and other stuff, I left it and my first Saturday where I decided I needed to be at home and sort it all and realising the house is to big for little me and like my sister said it was possibly one of the worst mistakes I made, but hey we’re not perfect and its taught me some good lessons. One how far your money spreads when your single. That relying on one income can be very scary especially to have took 3 years and the thought of how the bills seem to climb higher and higher. 😦

However its also one of the best things I have done. It may work but I am quite content with what I have but I do need a smaller place, but not to small. I love living on my own. I just miss the company and someone to share the chores, as I really hate washing up and after a long busy day at work you just want to crash out on the sofa.

I’m loving how my life is turning out. So much has changed and I just have to keep up the hard work and hopefully it’ll continue. I’m finally realising I do have some talent and that I must have learned something from uni and now I that I’m able to experiment and design and workout what medium to print on and there’s so much to print on at work that I find myself waking up at 5am on a morning, saying I can do this that and then I need to make this.

I have ordered a book on indesign just to help with a a few tips and Its like lightbulb moments when everything clicks into place and I finally get what a leading edge is and what way to flip the paper.

Life is good.

During the week was one of those moments I wish I did what I said I had. I mean I wish I had gone straight to bed and not gone on Facebook and perhaps thought a minute about what I was doing. My niece who I haven’t seen in over 10 years and is now coming up to 15 years of age contacted me on facebook. instead of letting digest I found her Mum and contacted her and told her what was going on. My niece had found my sister to and was probably trying to reach out to us. Now I’ll sound hypocritical. I really don’t want to be reunited via fb with someone so young who to me is a small 5 year old girl who went through so much and not see her face to face. Text base stuff can cause so many problems. People say what they want that they don’t say via speech and if not worded properly or depending on the recipients view can be taken the wrong way and can sometimes be used against you. as its seen as solid evidence.

I don’t know why I’m telling you this but, since this has happened her fb page got taken down. I feel bad but I didn’t want to start things without her Mum knowing for it to later blow up and lose her again completely. I just hope she understands that i wasn’t only protecting me I was protecting her. I just hope when she’s older I can take her for a drink and explain it all to her.

Thank you for reading


Never grow up

I was talking to my colleague today about how my friend told me last night that I looked all grown up, what with wearing a skirt and tights and how much I’ve changed in last year (or I think that’s what she meant) and he told me that you should never grow up. I don’t intend to. I think I’ve regressed since becoming single and what appeared as anger was actually hurt in most cases when people pushed me out after years of friendship, because better things came along.

Today I had loads to do but felt it time to put my mark on the place. Its been a month since I started my new job, its temporary but I love it. I’m trying to absorbed every minute of it. I’ve so far taken 4 black and white films and processed them, I just need to do some prints in the darkroom. It’s all so exciting.

“It’s about reacting to what you see, hopefully without preconception. You can find pictures anywhere. It’s simply a matter of noticing things and organizing them. You just have to care about what’s around you and have a concern with humanity and the human comedy. ” -Elliot Erwitt
download (3)
Born in Paris in 1928 to Russian parents, Erwitt spent his childhood in Milan, then emigrated to the US, via France, with his family in 1939. As a teenager living in Hollywood, he developed an interest in photography and worked in a commercial darkroom before experimenting with photography at Los Angeles City College. In 1948 he moved to New York and exchanged janitorial work for film classes at the New School for Social Research.Erwitt traveled in France and Italy in 1949 with his trusty Rolleiflex camera. In 1951 he was drafted for military service and undertook various photographic duties while serving in a unit of the Army Signal Corps in Germany and France.While in New York, Erwitt met Edward Steichen, Robert Capa and Roy Stryker, the former head of the Farm Security Administration. Stryker initially hired Erwitt to work for the Standard Oil Company, where he was building up a photographic library for the company, and subsequently commissioned him to undertake a project documenting the city of Pittsburgh.In 1953 Erwitt joined Magnum Photos and worked as a freelance photographer for Collier’s, Look, Life, Holiday and other luminaries in that golden period for illustrated magazines. To this day he is for hire and continues to work for a variety of journalistic and commercial outfits.

In the late 1960s Erwitt served as Magnum’s president for three years. He then turned to film: in the 1970s he produced several noted documentaries and in the 1980s eighteen comedy films for Home Box Office. Erwitt became known for benevolent irony, and for a humanistic sensibility traditional to the spirit of Magnum.

A couple of students had a dog in the studio yesterday. They had a pet cam and were intending to put it on the collar of said dog and do some recording. I asked today how it went and apparently there are some amazing pictures, I told them about one of my favourite photographers, Elliot Erwitt (see above) and how I loved his dog photos, although it was the other perspective I thought it would be a good idea for how he documented things. I also said how I had met him at the media museum many years ago. His work is just amazing. I think I need to sit down and go through his book ‘Snaps’ again. The students came back to me and said it was just what they needed. and felt rather chuffed that I had parted some knowledge and it was useful.
so my job is Senior Learning Officer of Photography (I think) cool title! and I have been there four weeks and have done photograms processed films, contact sheets, used the copystand and all sorts. My biggest regret is that there is simply not enough time to do everything and there is so much I want to get my teeth into. But I’m doing my best to absorb as much as I can and I love it. Its so amazing. I still think I’m dreaming.
I’ve also made my mark in the office by plastering the wall with a4 inkjet prints of my work and I am very interested in printing on acetate so I can make a stain glass effect on my walls of my office as two walls are glass. Its going to look so cool.
It’s like I keep hearing lately. Be grateful for what you have, strive for more but don’t forget to live in the moment.
I feel like the luckiest person in the world at the moment, I hope it continues.
Thank you for reading

‘Just keep swimming’

I need to switch off, I need to switch off, I need to switch off. Something has been bugging me for ages and when its over hopefully it will be the end of it. I can’t do anything about it and yet my CBT taught me not to let it build up but its snuck up on me and last week I convinced myself it was Mother’s Day this weekend and I got to work early on Friday so I could make my Mum a collage as I can’t get oop north yet. It was my first day on my own in the department and panic struck after I went to open the cupboard and the door came off in my hand 😦 then I lost my keys, they were right in front of me. if you want to hide something put it right in front of them and at eye level. No one will see it!

Anyway, since my life changed so much I’m relying on my brain/memory not good so I’ve got the filofax out and intend to keep it close to me as possible. I will need to note every little thing down just until I get used to the new hectic lifestyle. I think its because I’m absorbing so much new information and worrying about everything else, when I don’t, for the first time in my life want to be dragging the past along with me. I finally want to shut some doors and get on with it. Hopefully tomorrow will be that day. fingers and toes crossed.

P.S. My Mum loved the fact I got it so mixed up it’ll keep her laughing for months

Thank you for reading



I simply must be dreaming

Hello, so sorry for the quietness, but I’ve been through a bit of a rough time lately along with changing jobs and other things. However everything has turned out better than I could have hoped for or even dreamed it could be.

I have landed myself a temporary job at my old university. I am a Senior Learning Officer in Photography. It’s amazing. When I was at uni they (the technicians as they were called back then I think) were amazing, and now I get to work alongside them. I was 21 when I started at Leeds and now over 10 years later, I’m back and to me nothing much has changed apart from I’m seeing from the other side and giving a little back.

It’s so much fun. I get to use the darkroom and develop film and photographs and get paid!!!! I get to do workshops teaching students, which is even more exciting after I went on the train the trainer course with VAL a few months back. I have the skills and knowledge to get students learning traditional film processing, I’m like a kid in a sweet shop about this. You can ask my sister. I haven’t shut up about it once!

So far I have taken 3 films and developed them learned a bit about studio lighting, I did it as part of one of my jobs a few years back, but we didn’t get to experiment much so now’s my chance. I have borrowed some books from work/uni and I’m doing homework outside of uni while also keeping up to date with book club. I seem to have more time on my hands which is a bonus. Another bonus is  a lunch break and unlimited coffee as long as I remember to take in the milk 😀 x

As they say, if things aren’t going to plan or seem to be going downhill, just remember there’s always something better around the corner. 😀 I didn’t believe it until now.


Thank you for reading