An ode to my 33rd year

Ah, so the countdown begins. Tomorrow I wake up another year older *shudders*. I want to thank my 33rd year. It’s been quite a rollercoaster and it has taught me quite a lot.

If you’re eating your tea at this point don’t read on.

Tonight I put the lottery on for euros and lotto tomo and then came home and as I topped up the gas card I stepped in cat poo. A very large lump of poo. It stunk. best bit is my birthday cards lay on the doormap, and unfortunately got covered in poo. and apparently its lucky to stand in poo so I may be a millionaire tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will be doing a course for the radio and I am so excited. I am going to learn about training the trainer, so I kept help others later. Did I tell you I’m excited? the radio said they would put me on it and I feel so honoured. We’ve also got two great books for February’s show in which one you have to build a boyfriend or in my case a Colin Firth/Mr Darcy model. The other is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. There’s a lovely piece of artwork with the famous quote. see below.

So, in my 33rd year, I tried dating, I started on anti-depressants, I ran my 3rd 10k with a dodgy knee and did it in 1 hour 8mins. I started Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, I loved it. I gained weight, I think I can only just get in to a size 14 and in some places its too tight others its just right. Too much cake and not enough exercise.

My parents split up, after my Dad walked out after several years of threatening to and then proceeded to tell me via email how ungrateful a daughter I had been, perhaps I was but I was also under a lot of stress. I live on my own away from my family. I think it hit home how far and that I couldn’t jump in a car and see my Mum and help sort the house out and things like that. Lesson learned to save as much as possible within the next 5 years.

I wore a dress or two along with high heels, found my love of cocktails and fruit cider. I struggled with reading books, due to all the things going on around me, but bookclub kept me going. Both radio peeps and book club peeps are amazing. So are my family and friends. The support over the year has been amazing. so thank you to them.

If I forget what 2013 has taught me then I would be a fool. I’ve learned so much about myself about others and how, I really do care too much about the wrong things, its all about finding the balance. and if you ever stand in cat poo be warned, it bloody pongs!

Thank you for reading



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