is it that time already?

Time has gone slowly today until this last hour or so and now it’s nearly 8 0’clock and I’ve been farting about on the internet trying to distract myself after having a panic attack brought on by not having any plastic wallets let to sort out my cognitive behavioural therapy stuff. I started thinking I couldn’t do the radio show on Wednesday and wouldn’t turn up. Then I thought you’re bloody stupid because you’re only letting yourself down and just because it’s the first in the year there’s bound to be doubts after there being such a gap and the not knowing what we’re walking back into. Sounds so silly because I know what is happening and what to do, I just think it’s because everything has been so hectic in the last 2 months around christmas and January so far as started off as a damp squid and me feeling like I’m a zombie.

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I should be sat reading the second book to bookclub or going in the bath for a soak but instead I’m looking at Dr Seuss quotes while watching Alice in Wonderland and trying to distract myself from thinking about what this week will bring.

I just need to remind myself I can do this and I just need to take it a step at a time and I’ll be reet.

Thank you for reading



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