Yesterday this blog had a lot of views, in fact it had

51 hourly views! on wordpress *faints*

In the last three years I have lost friends, been told it’s all my fault, that I am to negative and have too many demons to fight. Instead of staying and helping they left or stayed but the relationship has never been the same.

On the other hand I have gained lots of new friends. Via book club and radio.

The following is what I’ve achieved over the last three years, a lot of it makes me beam with pride:

* I’ve also learned to drive and passed my test first time

*  went to the cinema alone

*  went to world book night on my own where I found out about book club, and you know the story there

*  went to do a writing course after seeing a tweet and yes ended up with a show and a bit

* Started writing, created a blog and then another

* Started doing book reviews for book club and discovered yet another talent I never knew I had

* Thanks to a friend, started running, did my first ever 10k in just over and hour and have done another 4 since.

* Put myself up for a twitter account called @peopleofleeds and spent a week tweeting to some poor souls 😀 but I loved it!!!!

* Have finally become comfortable living on my own, it finally feels like home, have finally become comfortable in my own company, but desperately need to find somewhere smaller.

* After a push, I went to seek help and started by pure accident Cognitive Behavourial therapy and after 3 months it’s beginning to sink in: I just got jealous and angry at a facebook comment and had to ‘self-talk’ myself out of it, and boy am I proud. (knew there was a reason to stay off FB)

*sat in a pub alone with a drink, a meal, and a good book.

*ran a house, paid the bills, although still having some problems but I’ll get my head around that.

*Pushed myself to do courses I would never have dreamt to do

*Become interested in things that would have confused the hell out of me or I would have said I could never have done, like the radio course. I now want to become a ‘techie’ and help others

I still have difficulty organising myself but I think sometimes that’s out of fear and not enough practice, hence what my shiny new filofax (such a shock to get that) and A4 personal organiser is for.  Can’t wait to get started. Just got to learn to stop procrastinating and over thinking. Yesterday was brilliant, I got so much done, I just need to repeat that!!!

And once again, thank you to all at Leeds Book Club, Nicola and Kirsty and South Leeds Community Radio, My family, My Mum and Sister Jane, and Milo and Jerry-Lee (dogs by the way 😀 ) and my friends. Oh and that lot on twitter, Thank you for your support and believing in me

So to me, who I need to believe in. It’s been a bit of a roller-coaster, some things I am not proud of, or the way I reacted to, but that’s one of’life’s lessons.

Thank you for reading



2 thoughts on “Thank you 2013: Part 6 – Me

  1. Hels, I love you to bits and I’m so proud of you. I can see how far you’ve come, and I’m so glad you’re starting to see what a totally ace person you are. I’m proud to be your mate. You make me laugh lots, and you’re always surprising me with what you’ll get up to next. I’m so glad we got to spend a bit more time together in 2013. Lets do more in 2014. You’ll be awesome. X

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