Thank you 2013: Part 5 – South Leeds Community Radio



‘South Leeds Community Radio plays out across the internet 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Our shows are made by the community, for the community!

As we do not receive any central funding for the work we do, we have to work creatively to ensure we have enough funds coming in to help us maintain the highest quality output for all our listeners and best possible facilities for our bank of 50+ volunteers. It’s always handy to have money in the bank to pay the boring things like utilities, rent and wages too!

Over the last 12 months we have worked with a number of commissioners, funders and organisations on various engagement projects. Why not have a look at our ‘Projects & Funders’ page for more information.’


In November 2012 I saw a tweet on twitter about a writing course at South Leeds Community Radio. I decided that after a few months of ‘blogging’ this might help me. It was something like a four week course and you learned a bit of radio production and at the end of it producing your story as a recording. At the time it was at Hillside in Beeston, not  very far from where I live. I went along to the evening classes and really enjoyed it. I also got to go to an event and got a free meal and learned a lot about health and eating. And then there was the Xmas party, a chance to meet others and see what happens at the station. 

I think it was after two weeks of me going and babbling on about things, as well as Leeds Book Club, that Nicola asked if I would be interested in doing a bookclub for radio. Me! little old me!!! gosh, I hadn’t even thought this through doing the production course, but I thought why not. One year later, I have met some fantastic people, after a short break in the new year with the move, I met Kirsty who is a big part of the station, or is to me as we wouldn’t have a book club. I have met some amazing people, I even got to meet one of the directors, such an honour.

If ever you want to try something different I recommend volunteering, it doesn’t have to be at your local radio station, it could be anything that grabs your interest. Up until work got busy for Xmas I spent as much time as possible at the radio station and working at home doing stuff. Along with work I do for Leeds Book club (the inspiration for the radio’s show) I am eternally grateful to both groups for letting me be a big part of their family. I love it. It’s giving me so much I just feel like bursting with excitement justa t the thought of what 2014 will bring!!!!



So don’t just sit there and read my waffle, follow the link below and listen to my bookclub and many other shows at this link: and start volunteering today! You won’t regret it!


Thank you for reading




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