Thank you 2013: Part 4 – @LeedsBookClub

There’s nothing better than people sat around discussing the latest read, and either having the same opinions or learning something new. Also you gain new friendships and feel part of a family.

This year thanks to Niamh especially, who runs this lovely little set of bookclubs, has inspired and pushed me when needed to do things I would never have dreamed of. My sister was always the writer, or so I believed. I was the creative one. The arty one. I couldn’t make sense of writing things down. I used to get it all muddled, one teacher told my Mum, the answer is in there she just keeps adding unnecessary filler. I had been at bookclub nearly a year and Niamh had been asking people to help submit reviews for the bookclubs, I thought it might be a good idea but didn’t have the confidence to do so. Who would want to read my babble I thought. But with a little push from Niamh, and an email with starter points which is my bible, I wrote my first, She told me she could see I was dying to give it a try, and I surprised myself. I have now a shed load to write, but because of all my personal issues, I’ve not been able to read and absorb stuff and have let work pile up. Not for long, I will be back on track soon. It helps my brain when I’m writing. I also have to let myself relax and sit and read. For some reason I need permission to sit still, I go in the habit of seeing it as a chore and leaving it to the last minute, because  I knew If I started reading I wouldn’t take anything in. Now 2014 is fast approaching and I want to start a fresh, I need to keep my mind active and absorb all the new things I have learn’t. Again I hope I can repay her in the same way.

Oh and I can’t forget Sharon who set up LBC Outlaws, and brought a whole new bunch of people together, Thanks to her and Trish for their support and can’t wait to see you all in the new year.


We should all read something, even if it is just a newspaper, it opens you up to other things. As for bookclub, there’s nothing like it, well apart from the radio station I volunteer at. But that’s another story.

My first review:

One of my favourite reviews if I do blow my own trumpet 😀

The unfinished/ongoing Enid Blyton challenge

And by accident via me reading Mrs Frisby Rats of Nimh this happened:

Live in Leeds, then come and be a part of the family

Thank you for reading


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