‘Put a smile on your face until you believe your own smile.’

Sunday is going to be PJ day, along with watching Christmas films and wrapping presents, I think I have everyone’s apart from my Mum, who so far I only have two bags of cashew nuts. I really don’t know what to get her this year.

The reason I started with Sunday is because I had my last session of CBT for this year and it drained me. I have had a really bad head all day and I haven’t been able to think straight. I hate the dark evenings, I hate feeling tired, but that’s easily fixed. I am also dreading the new year when it’s the anti-climax or whatever you call it and the lovely month of January. I feel sorry for January, it’s supposed to be a fresh start, new beginnings and yet it’s almost always filled with doom and gloom because people have spent too much, eaten too much, didn’t get the gifts they wanted, etc, etc.

I’m more lucky than some to have my birthday in mid January, but anyone having a birthday a month before or after Christmas will understand the annoyance of it being overshadowed by Christmas.

Anyway I have a lot to get organised, I need to clean and sort my house, get all my work into order, a couple of weeks ago I started to do a weekly plan and was told this morning that it was good to start putting structure into my routine. I also got told that I was doing well with the therapy and not to expect miracles because after all we’re only human.

The other thing was how people think they know how you’re feeling when they’ve had the same ‘problems’. Nobody knows how certain illnesses, situations, etc can affect someone. They know how they feel, and offer advice but how a person deals with things is completely different, we’re all unique, we’re all individuals. Lets realise that people.

So while everyone is rushing around, don’t forget to look after yourself, You’re own physical and mental well-being, as Christmas is once a year, your health is for life. I have no idea why I am bah humbug this year, I felt sad knowing I’d be at the station for the last time this year today and that we would have fresh beginnings, new shows and improve on what we have. For me January is filling up, I am doing a train-the-trainer course, I will also be doing a community reporter course and hopefully try my hand at learning more about the equipment so I can help others. And then there’s meeting up with all the Leeds Bookclub lot. It seems ages. I did meet a few on Tuesday, but it would be nice to see them when I’m less stressed.

Enjoy you’re weekend

and thank you for reading



4 thoughts on “‘Put a smile on your face until you believe your own smile.’

  1. I’m looking forward to January. Not done *too* bad on my resolutions this year (for once) so looking forward to setting more challenging one’s for next year!
    Thanks for your blogs as always, have been learning about CBT with interest. Oh, but sadly the photos of Starbuck’s cups seems to have dried up… 😦

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