Why men are so lucky

…because they don’t have to wear a bloody bra!! a contraption around your upper body, a shoulder boulder, a cup holder, whatever you want to call it, it’s a pain. I didn’t realise someone else had blogged about it, http://hellogiggles.com/the-burden-of-a-bra obviously they would, but the one thing I love at the end of the day is whipping it off and hearing my body give a sigh of relief, I can still take it off under my shirt, the best trick you learnt at school trying to change in PE and not letting the other girls seeing you haven’t developed as much.

1400s AD: The modern bra was invented 100 years ago, but it turns out women were sporting bra-like contraptions as early as the 1400s. This 600-year-old bra was unearthed at an Austrian castle in 2008. Archaeologists say that these linen pieces were even decorated with lace.


There’s a fantastic piece on the website above about bras and they’re history, I know men are going to shout and say they have far bigger problems but the don’t have to wear one of these and if you do get a good fitting one it’s still not the nicest of things to wear. 😦

Since I started wearing them I have been a 34b/c to a 32 b in the last three years gradually going up to a 32d/dd and now back to 34 but in a d cup and the bra still looks bloody huge yet I feel I have a small chest. Obviously not compared to some poor souls and yet I wish for bigger! The amount of times I have wished to chop them off, especially when it’s cold or it’s ‘time of the month’ boy do they hurt then. 😦

and, I say this humbly as I didn’t realise it was a donation funded page, Wikipedia has the best history of bras yet! check out this link and these pictures!!!


So, although you were invented to give us support and look fabulous, to push up,out together, whatever, padded, non-padded, wired,non-wired, strapless, straps, there’s nothing better than whipping the bloody thing off at the end of the day.

Thank you for reading




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