My week as @PeopleofLeeds

This is what it is about:

‘Who We Are

‘We are the People of Leeds. All kinds of people, from all over Leeds, coming together on one Twitter account. Based on the amazing @sweden Twitter account, we’re handing the reins of our Twitter account over to the people of Leeds. Each Monday a new person will take the account for a week, bringing you a unique snapshot of living, working and playing in Leeds.’
It started with a Tweet!
About a couple of months ago after talking about Twitter and doing things for the radio, I decided I wanted to do this. No idea why. so I got in touch with Kirsty who runs it and asked if I could do it. I think influentially it was to be late September but it had been popular and decided on Halloween week, not realising I had 12 days off two weeks prior and could have done it during the day to,
I was tweeting before and after work and I think in a way it worked really well.
When I first took over I had been sitting for an hour before wondering what to do and would anyone be interested. So I started off explaining I was an adopted Yorkshire person, raised in Spennymoor who came to live here (someone knew where it was!!!)
Anyway with in a few minutes my phone was going mental with notifications and I was having twitter-sations with loads of people that all of a sudden it was 10:30pm!!!!
It’s been a great week I had it planned to go to certain things. I ended up at the radio station longer then expected and found out some important news that thanks to the lovely people on Twitter, retweeting we may get noticed and help will soon come!!!!
Twitter is so different to Facebook, no pettiness, well apart from one follower who nearly ruined my week. And no woe-is-me business. you can ignore people, jump in on conversations, start threads. A lot of the time I would come back to the account and people were having little conversations via one of my tweets as though it was a little community.

Give a little Gain  a lot!!!

To be honest I was so shocked at the response I got, I also learn’t a lot and I as I can’t take praise very well, felt overwhelmed and humbled that everyone liked it. I am so proud of doing it. I did feel slightly lost after and not seeing my name in lights was a bit weird but like my friends said I should just do the same on my account and spread the ‘helenness’ about.
So if you fancy doing something different, do this or ‘People of the UK’ You’ll learn much more than you realise and find people in similar situations who just need to know it’s ok and others share your problem.
I also felt like a celebrity when a certain young man came up to say hi. I was over the moon by that. 😀
Thank you for reading

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