Procrastination can be a good thing as long as you get the work done!

So today was mean’t to be study day. It started well, what with the clocks going back my brain felt guilty for getting up at 7am (technically 8am) and so I started to clean the house. By 9am I had two sets of washing on and tidied up and cleaned the kitchen.

I found a nice damp patch by the radiator and realised that might be why my hot water isn’t hot and need to ring the landlord tomorrow because it maybe a burst pipe.

I had sorted all my paper bits out and had put stuff away so I could sit with my third coffee and start to go through my CBT stuff. I got through the relaxation stuff, all about breathing and was singing along to the 90s pop tunes on 4music, when a knock came to the door. At first I thought it was the lovely church people until the knock came again  but this time small and fast, then I realised it wasn’t. It was Caitlin. A friend’s seven year old daughter. I was the last resort I think because her friends couldn’t come out. She said ‘I’m going to ask Mummy and Daddy if I could come here for a bit. I said ok, I did want to get on with my work, but she hadn’t been around for a while and was in need of company. We ended up playing teachers. She has a table and chair and I have to sit on the floor. This child has an amazing imagination and I don’t mind playing along as nobody else can see. Although I always end up being a naughty child for some reason. today I got given a load of tests which she found funny.

I also got taught some french. She is really fluent, I was never that good and I was learning at 11/12 year old. Amazing what kids can grasp. She reminded me so much of my niece Molly. Very bossy and a little crazy. Plus she emptied my cupboards and made cakes out of teabags. She disappeared outside for a second and stood and watched to see what she was up. She had taken my baking potatoes to her gate two doors down and my friend, her Mum shouted her to help make a pumpkin, I think. So she asked if she could come back later, I said yes thinking an hour or so but apparently she got bored and was back in 15 mins. I must be doing something right. either that or it’s because she gets her own way 😀

Anyway she’s gone back after my friend said to return her at two so I could get on with some stuff. To be honest I liked the company but I am exhausted, but I’m having another coffee, listening to 4 music and doing my homework and hiding the things I don’t want Caitlin to find when or if she returns at 4pm.

If anytime you need to let things go, step into a seven year old’s world, it’s simpler and more fun.

Thank you for reading xxx


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