Love is like oxygen…. All you need is love!

Silly, silly me. I think I stressed out too much this week and took too much on and didn’t take time out by sitting still. Forgetting I was doing 5 days straight as my holiday ended on Monday I have carried on as usual and ploughed through the week and it’s now turned into a blur. Today I was really tired after getting in at 11:30 after another amazing Yelp event. This time for me it was more the people I sat with. Because all thought it was free food and some of it wasn’t bad, five of us had to sit around a table, which was kept sturdy by a screwdriver, at certain points it felt like we were doing a séance trying to keep the table steady. Luckily it only popped out twice but gave a good conversation starter for the evening.

I got to meet some amazing people of different nationalities, watch some cabaret acts and had interesting conversations about everything and anything whilst being wined and dined by the venue.

Today however I was feeling slightly overwhelmed and emotional I was a bit of a loss what to do. Feeling like a right prize melon for getting worked up over some right stupid things and kicking myself for thinking I hadn’t done the right thing. But that’s just the over-thinking kicking in and I need to sit down and breath. Are you aware if you are stressed you forget to breathe? I have been told I need to make myself aware of my breathing and to do some exercises to drop my shoulders as the are really tense and I hold them up when stressed. So much to remember.

Tonight I got home and went off to the little ASDA and went a bit silly buying fresh meat and veg, so I could cook some meals and freeze them, forgetting I had planned for Sunday to be my Study day. I think I can fit both in.  I have got bacon to make sandwiches though and carrot sticks to eat with salsa or onion dip as a snack rather than chocolate. fingers crossed. Tonight I had some quiche, kindly made by my friend with potato and coleslaw followed by chocolate cake and latte. I have been watching Moulin Rouge as this is one of my feel good movies and I know practically all the words. See blog here…

Tomorrow night I’m sitting down and planning my week, and what meals to cook and put away and what I will be doing Sunday, Also fitting in a walk as long as it’s not raining and also looking to dig out an exercise dvd so I can do it on a morning and try get a flat stomach. I maybe skinny but I can’t get in my favourite dresses as I realised I have been eating too much chocolate and drinking sugary drinks to release my stress or anger, now it will be more of taking a breather for 5 mins and doing the exercises I was told to.

Oh and after deciding to go to the doctors for help and being told I would have to wait three months, I obviously started therapy a week ago but have now been offered a place on a study applied for 3-4 weeks ago, but because I am seeking it now I felt it only right to tell the caller about it, that I couldn’t be part of it, well for now. Talk about things happening all at once. At least it’s good this time 😀

Oh one last thing, the young girl at work, born and bread in Yorkshire has been told to do phonics more for drama because she drops her ‘h’s and apparently says ‘waarm’ instead of ‘warm’. My influence there I think 😀

So I hope you all have a good weekend and it isn’t to miserable with the weather and everything.

Thank you for reading



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