Hump in the holiday

So we’ve reached the half way point and hit a bit of sadness. Everything has been fantastic so far. Even though here’s been some bad news, well won’t say bad more frustrating, I have done so much and need another holiday 😀

On my first day I edited my radio programme, I think I over did it a bit but I love it. I believe it airs again this Saturday at 7pm on this site

On Thursday night I went to a YELP event at Moments Cafe in Leeds see their site here I learned so much about coffee and how to make an omelette and met some amazing people.

Friday and Saturday a bit of a blur and then Sunday I made my way over to my friends as I was to help decorate and also went to book club where i was highly excited at having 10 days off, apologies to my peeps.

On Monday from about 8am I sugar soaped some walls, using a roller can make a huge difference, by 10am I was hungry and suggested  breakfast, off to subway for a sandwich.

Tuesday was a rest day and we watched films read books and ate cake.

Wednesday was just cleaning and tidying and removing a radiator, well I just helped mop the water up and having a good old chinwag.

Today I had an appointment with a councillor as I’ve started cognitive behavioural therapy and boy is it good! I then went for some retail therapy and got what I call chav pants or lounge pants and a set of pjs which the top is a horrid colour but it’s snoopy and no one is going to see it. I also did a bizarre thing and bought a swimming suit as it’s been recommended for my knee, I just need to fit it in and do that daunting walk up to John Charles Sports Centre.

I also got the worst witch from the charity shop thinking it might be an idea for next years book club.

but what I’ve learned is, that we must take nothing for granted, our jobs, our health, that our friends and family will always be there, that everything is easy when it isn’t, that things will last forever, they might but they won;t stay the same, to live in the moment and embrace it. whether you feel, happy, sad, completely crap and the world’s against you, just hold your head up high, smile and just get through it, life is to short and we don’t have forever. Live in the now, make the person you are today better and don’t look back.

As for the rest of the holiday, I’m helping out sunday with decorating again and Monday it’s meeting a friend to shop. as for the next two days it’s cleaning the house and sorting out all my crap. Wish me luck.

Thank you for reading



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