I Love coffeeeee!!!! YELP Event at Moments Coffee Leeds

The other week on Twitter I got a message asking if I would like to go to an event, as being part of Leeds Book Club Rowena from Yelp thought I would love this event and I did!

This is the email she sent:

‘Hello folks!

Delightful news! If you’re receiving this email, you’ve made it on to the list for Yelp’s event THIS THURSDAY – Yelp Takes A Moment! Huzzah! Prepare yourselves for an evening of sample treats, lovely little lessons, and a few good old tales, as detailed in the event listing.

It starts at 7.30pm prompt, and Moments is just opposite the Leeds Malmaison. Bring your +1s (if you’ve registered one) and your sense of adventure – it’ll be a lovely evening! Can’t wait to introduce you to this lovely little independent coffee shop.

Looking forward to seeing you all there, and I’ll catch up with you and your latest reviews on Yelp in the meantime!

Happy Monday, and get excited – there’s only a few days to go!’

So for me it topped off a great day. I had spent a few hours at the radio station learning to edit bookclub and then went to this event. I achieved something I never dreamed of doing then went to an event where I knew nobody. Just like starting book club. I was worried I was under dressed and wasn’t sure what to expect but

The venue:


Moments Coffee

Aire House, 8 Swinegate
LS1 4AG Leeds

Everyone knows I love coffee but now I have a greater love in fact I am in awe of it and what you can do with it. We also learned about how to taste coffee and were given a skittle to pop into our mouths while holding our nose, then chewing a few times then, releasing the nose to realise our taste is controlled through our sense of smell. bloody amazing. We were then given a peanut butter brownie and told to eat that before tasting the coffee (no milk just black) and OMG! what a taste sensation.  I also had a go at doing some latte art and got a bit carried away as didn’t realise how tricky it was and in the end made a smiley face which I’ll treasure forever!!!!!

I think I have a coffee hangover this morning with the amount I drank last night. I met loads of new people. learn’t so much about coffee and how to make the perfect omelette which I think I might have a go today.

And while I’m off I might go back and sample the food and coffee and catch up with reading just for a place to escape.

Thank you for reading



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