‘All this time I was finding myself And I didn’t know I was lost’

The title is from the song Wake me up by Avicii. That along with Roar by Katy Perry and Pink and Nate’s Just Give me a reason are the songs I currently can’t get enough of. I love them.

I feel like I’ve stepped out of a carwash or storm and feel alive, or awake, not sure which. I know I have the most shocking memory after all this and to prove it I walked into the Doctor’s, forgot what my name was and then went into the chemists and forgot the pin to my card. That was because I am really tired and hadn’t had a proper lunch. silly me.

I feel so alive and ready to tackle anything but I know if something was to wrong I am more likely to fall to pieces in seconds, but that’s ok. We can sort through it. Because that’s what life is about. A journey which we learn,love,lose,find and it’s up to us to find the way.

I met with my friend Caroline last night and had so much to tell her that once again I monopolised the evening but it was so good to have a catch up and hopefully we can make them more regular. You see we put such high expectations on ourselves when really we should just find the time to catch up, have a coffee and cake or in our case a drink and some good food at Outlaws.

It’s the small things in life we need to cherish and like my Mum said today we need to live in the moment and not worry about what’s happening in the future or what has passed, life is too short and we need to cherish it. It’s just sometimes we are to wrapped up in other things we just don’t realise what we’ve got.

so cherish what you have. It’s ok to have bad days, no one is perfect. Just pick yourself up and dust yourself down and carry on. Life isn’t easy but we’re always trying to compete and sometimes it’s just not that easy.

Thank you for reading



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