Helen and Jane’s adventure to Newcastle




Adventures in Geordie Land

A few weeks back I was oop north and visiting my Mum’s. (I may have already blogged about it but hey ho) There was an exhibition on about Enid Blyton at a Children’s book centre http://www.sevenstories.org.uk in Newcastle and I thought this would help with my book challenge for book club, and it did. However we nearly didn’t make it. I had read the map wrong and we ended up at the science museum and I was already to give up and go in there but my amazing little Sister said ‘no, we came here to find it and we going to. It’s for bookclub and you’ll regret it if you don’t.’

Granted I am bad at directions and we ended up in Gateshead, because if we had turned right and followed the top road we would have got straight to the museum/centre and had more time but to be honest we had such a fun time on the scenic route, I think it was all part of the day.

When I went up home (yes I have two, it confuses people) I had it all planned out. Then Jane found out that she didn’t have to go out and we decided on the spur of the moment to go to Newcastle for this exhibition I wanted to see.

‘If they had gone right out of the station, they would have gone straight to the museum!’

We eventually found it after an hour or so wandering about and saw the bus driver who dropped us off at Durham driving past. spooky!!  I was so pleased it was a nice day to as if it had been raining we would have been drowned rats by the time we got there and that wouldn’t have been pretty.

We finally came across our destination after a long trek and few giggles and found it hidden away, what a gem to be tucked away. When need more places like these to get kids reading. It’s a fantastic little place.  We went up to the exhibition and I got so excited at seeing the slide I ran past most of the exhibition and squealed with delight. All I heard from my sister was ‘oh dear’ then ‘Helen’ and pointed to the Noddy car in the corner. I ran over and sat in it. The big kid emerged and I was so excited about the display and the large car and oh so much more.

The exhibition covered most of Enid Blyton’s famous works and I don;t think I took in as much information as I should have but it did get me back into reading them again. I even managed to trick Jane into going round again by pretending to go out and then visited Noddy’s car again where a woman from the centre told us about the hats and scarf and how a woman had made them especially for the exhibition.

I learnt so much when I was there, not so much about Enid Blyton but to try to forget about things and enjoy the moment. It also got me want to be creative again and when I got home I started to draw again.

We also visited the rest of the centre and found the exhibit on how to train your dragon and there was a Viking ship!!! I love dragons they are so much better than dinosaurs. I am now on the look out for the books.

This is a hidden gem of Newcastle and whetehr or not you have kids you should go see it.

One last note, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank my sister enough for making sure I got there and also looking after the ‘big kid and joining in dressing up, even though they were mean’t for the kids they still fitted me!!!. I had such an amazing time. Can’t wait for the next adventure!!! Next time we’ll take jam sandwiches and pop.

Check out my challenge here http://www.leedsbookclub.com/2013/09/enid-blyton-challenge-book-07.html

Thank you for reading



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