#Friday the 13th part 3

  • Don’t mess with the boiler without the instructions you end up without hot water and a cold shower
  • Don’t over do it on your day off or think you’re invincible as getting older means it takes longer to recover
  • Mondays will always be difficult how ever positive you look at it
  • Be careful of coffee in paper cups especially near important paperwork 😀
  • Go on the less popular bus and you’ll get there ten times quicker I promise you
  • Be aware of things falling off top shelves
  • Tidying up is essential. Messyness is ugly
  • It’s amazing how as soon as one thing goes wrong you keep acting as nothing happened sometimes causing more problems 😀
  • Sleep is essential
  • Sharing is good
  • Everyone has their opinion and advice on who you should date best one being ‘Find yourself a fella with a big willy who likes books and have a house full of kids’ 😀
  • 1 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 1
  • A guy’s trousers fell down on the bus as he went to get off this morning. I was lucky only to see his bottom. either his trousers were to tight or it was a belt malfunction
  • I hate maths and anything to do with numbers
  • Appreciation for your efforts is much appreciated
  • ‘in 5 hours and 20mins gentlemen we hit the enemy toast’
  • As humans we find it very hard to communicate that it’s fooking annoying sometimes
  • We are all attention seekers
  • We all live in a little bubble which is worse when raining and it’s attack of the umbrellas

Thank you for reading



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