The Perks of being a grown-up

” If you want treated like an adult, act like one. ” 

“Being an adult is nothing to do with chronological age but with maturity. To be mature is to take responsibility for your actions, being responsible for yourself,accepting that a job is a necessity not a choice, taking care of others and taking account of their wants and needs . you are not the centre of the universe and being adult and mature accepts this. Being adult means you must pay your own way in life ,you pay your bills on time and don’t take things for granted. You stop turning to your parents for money ,you live within your means .”

Some articles here****

“And that’s how society should regard adulthood—as a person’s own definition, not a crossed-out list of antiquated milestones. Whether we live on our own or have to live with our parents until we’re back on our feet, we are still adults. Whether we have kids or choose to be child-free, we are still adults. Whether we are freelancing or working 9 to 5, we are still adults.

We are not emerging. We are constantly developing into the people we’ve set out to be. After all, would you dare tell a 55-year-old who’s a caretaker to his parents and is going back to school to finally realize his dream that he’s not a “real” adult? Probably not.”

  • Your responsible for everything, what you say, do, yourself and others
  • You have to work  at home (free e.g.maintain the house) and in a job to pay for everything
  • you work 5 days a week only to see very little of your efforts after it goes on bills, clothes, food, booze/social life and come out at the end of the month with not much to show for it.
  • you have to ‘act’ all the time regardless of your feelings aka you’re feeling like you want to hide under the duvet and die but you have to put on a big smile and go to work
  • We care to much about what others think and feel the need to fit in instead of being who we truly are in good or bad times.
  • If we don’t have the right ‘look’ then you’re not part of that group
  • You can drink endless amounts of coffee and stay up late and it’s your own fault if you feel like crap next day.
  • You have to pay the bills unless you can live in a treehouse and no running water, electricity etc
  • You have to constantly fill that white box in the kitchen otherwise you won’t eat.
  • You always get down to the last toilet roll when you desperately need the loo
  • you still act like a 5-year-old and get jealous when someone has what you don’t
  • arguments, fights are messier whatever happened to a good old scrap?
  • We’re expected to know everything and anything.
  • The world is just one giant playground that we live in, there will always be bullies and there will always be people who think they are better than others and want to constantly undermine them or think being rude will get them what they want.
  • We are very selfish and get wrapped up in our own little bubbles that we believe our problems are bigger than others because we think we have more to deal due to the growing responsibilities, when in fact it’s just life and nobody is generally better off than anyone else.
  • Your house and furniture reflect who you are
  • The fairies don’t exist to clean your house or put the bins out

So remember it’s good to have fun once in a while because as adults we take life way to seriously, me being one of them. And when things go wrong brush it off, pick yourself up, have a good cry if need to and soldier, and the end of the day nobody else cares and we’re all trying to survive in this rat race of a playground.

Thank you for reading



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