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Yes I know today is Thursday but I came back from Holiday on Monday and my week started on Tuesday and its thrown me out completely. When it was 6.6.06 that day was fine no issues, however the next day I had to deal with a devil child on my photography training who pulled its mother’s hair and screamed the studio down. Today was one of those sorts of days that if we didn’t continue to laugh we would probably have both sat down and cried.

I have quite a lot to blog but seem to not have the time to sit down and do it and I’m amazed at how quick this year is disappearing. it’s quite shocking really. So I need to have a good clean of the house. get rid of stuff to the charity shops and sit down and do some work. Time for a fresh beginning. God, how many times have I said that lately.

I’ll keep you posted

Thank you for reading.



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