‘Oooop North’

Spending time with family is the best medicine sometimes can bring you back down to earth and remember what is important and that worrying about everything and anything from money getting tighter to people not being who you thought they were, to being treated like you’re a piece of dirt or trying to provoke a reaction out of them by talking to them texting them or anything like that is just pathetic.

I have had the most amazing fortnight and can’t believe how fast this year is running out. I really want to make the last of it stress free and hopefully I will stop spending money like it will go out of fashion, that and eating junk food when stressed isn’t helping my situation at the moment. I need to detach myself from a lot of things but not sure how.

We can all wish for a lottery win to make our lives better, we can all wish for a car, a house etc but its all material things and in the end they can break or given away quite easily. What can’t or shouldn’t is family and friends. I am lucky to have the family I have, I just spent a night at my cousins who made lethal woo woos and in return I used all of her loo roll.

As humans we all expect the best or that we should have the latest gadgets etc, when really our priorities are all wrong. Yes I want a house and car and latest mac book, but what I really want deep down is company. Sometimes living on my own is pants. As humans we need other humans but we also need to be aware not to live out of each others pockets. We need to give each other a little space sometimes so the time spent together is appreciated more.

As for wanting the best we should just be grateful for having a roof over our heads and make the most of it. There are hundreds of houses across the UK that are bordered up or getting demolished because they are ‘old fashioned’ when in fact they have better structure and character than houses built today. But no its easier and cheaper to take up more countryside and build houses of all different shapes and sizes with no garden or carparking space and walls that are made from paper.

Up home they have created a housing estate on an old factory ground and blocked access to lorries going to the industrial estate at the end causing all sorts of avouch and as the garages are put the back the home owners clutter the road with their cars. Does no one think about how things will work in real life when they plan these things?  On Mum’s estate they’re replacing people’s front gardens with drives, creating uneven paths and a paved area you could probably only park a kiddies bike on. What a waste. There are also have finished lampposts for some bizarre reason, I can never understand why jobs are half done, like the road at the top of the street, one half is brand new the other is old?

But my biggest gripe is I now see why there is an uprising against the bedroom tax. A couple moved in to the house next to Mum’s and it was already decorated from the previous owners and had a beautiful long garden which has now been turned into some sort of menagerie, but I don’t think it is. I thought the idea of council housing was that they placed you in suitable housing but apparently you have to bid the place. A couple apparently got a house with hardly any garden and had to do the place up now surely they should have got the house mentioned above as they may have one day wanted to make it into a family home? I think it all needs to start from scratch again and MPS should give up all their second homes and their should perhaps be a few that they could book out or book a room in and share with others at a small cost. would free up a lot of houses don’t you think?

Thank you for reading



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