I’m off up north next week and to see this exhibition to continue the Enid Blyton challenge. I don’t know if I will be able to take any clothes with me this time with the things I’ve got to take with me 🙂 My Kindle, a few books, some stuff to take home.

I have a book challenge I’ve set myself of 69 books to read and haven’t got far with the 33 I chose as I keep getting distracted by different books, perhaps my heart is not in it. I also need to stop buying books but going into a bookshop and coming out empty handed is so hard. I must be strong.

Yesterday I failed to do my book reviews and when I’m oop north I’ll be missing a book club, I thought I’d read the choice for Puffins and go to the pub for lunch with Mum and Jane. It wouldn’t be right otherwise. 😀

Oh and as a society we are becoming utterly rubbish at communicating, I admit I don’t ring Mum and Jane and ask more about them but so often we rely on emails and text that is is really beginning to be a pet hate of mine. Oh well, not everyone can be happy.

Thank you for reading



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