ROAD TRIP!!!! Wednesday at Bridlington

Why oh why do days off and holidays take so long to get to, and then gone in a blink of an eye? I remember at school thinking the six weeks holiday would be to long then bam! they’re gone. Visits to Mum’s family every year where we had almost 2 weeks down there and then they were over and my sister and I would be in tears leaving as we wanted to stay down there. If I could have had all my family in one place when I was young I would have been in heaven. Life is full of regrets and lately I have been on the verge of losing everything again that I have tried to value everything where possible. I keep spending money when I shouldn’t because I keep thinking there’s nothing worth saving for and then wondering why my clothes are falling apart or there’s nothing in the cupboard. I keep meaning to fix this and I started by trying positive mental attitude, yesterday I saw the effects starting to happen when I set myself a target for 10 things to be collected and it worked. Not the way I thought it would but I still achieved it.

On Wednesday my friends and I went to Bridlington to meet up with some more friends.

‘Bridlingtons historic harbour area bustles in summer and hints at its extensive fishing heritage. The Old Town further boosts its appeal, Bridlington also offers easy access to coastal walking around Flamborough Head and for visits to Bempton Cliffs RSPB reserve. Flamborough Headland, with its dramatic chalk cliffs reaching upto 130 metres at Bempton, is one of England’s treasured designated heritage coasts.’

It’s the first time I had been there and couldn’t wait I wanted to get a bucket and spade, and partly because I was doing my bucket list to so would come in handy later. I had also been in search of flip flops but the fashion industry has now decided summer is over and we should be wearing overcoats, trousers, hats and scarfs. *sighs*

The weather was superb, a mix of light showers and then the sun appearing but it wasn’t to warm. We had lunch when we got there and then had a walk down to the south side I believe, on the way I picked up a bucket and spade and then managed to get some flip-flops. The comfiest things I have worn in ages. We had an icecream which mine appeared to melt in seconds and then onto the beach. Steph, Matt and I went down to the water and I remember thinking seeing some girls fully dressed and completely soaked and how silly they were and then Matt soaked the pair of us and I found this so funny I joined in and got drenched. I then kicked more water and went running for Steph to try catch me. I said to myself ‘just let go Helen, enjoy being here and just let go’. So we spent the afternoon on the beach, me building sandcastles, Matt digging to china and the rest of the group enjoying the sun. It was great, I was like a big kid going back and forth in the water and then trying to build sandcastles and not thinking about the conditions of the sand and my friends telling me to move further down the beach, I thought they were trying to trick me into the sea again 🙂

I will treasure that day forever. As I’ve always said you don’t need a lot of things or money to have a good time, just pick a place, hope the weather is good or if inside choose a good comfortable establishment, good friends and food and enjoy the moment, because once it is gone we can never get it back and it’s only memories, photos and regrets that we have.


Lynn and me
Lynn and me

Thank you for reading



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