Hump Day

Wednesday, know to most as ‘Hump day’ half way through the week, one weekend behind us another coming thick and fast and then once again it’ll be Monday which is just as bad. Why do we hate Mondays so much? Why having the weekend off does it make it so hard to start over again?

Wednesday the no day?

Wednesday the half day for traders, well market traders that is.

Wednesday is for Radio Bookclub.

What is it with kids these days??? Just had to tell one off for trying to tight-rope walk style across my fence. Well not my fence the landlords and though do I explain when it’s broken. Oh my god I’m getting paranoid. I’m getting old sat in the house listening to all the sounds. 😦

I read my stars in the paper today I try not to as I think it’s fake or if you read it your subconscious makes it happen? So I read it in the evening. then if it’s true then it’s ‘spooky’, which it was today.

I am on the cusp of Aquarius but I got told I have traits of Capricorn so I read both and take half the truth. does that make sense? so I’m an Aquacorn or caprius?

Also did you know if someone has hiccups you should ask them questions like ‘what colour is a yellow car’ what colour is a black cat’ and so on. Confused the hell out of me today but stopped the hiccups. Magic!

I’m beginning to wonder and I mentioned this before and was going to research Freud’s work to see what he might think of social networking and wondered why the need to tell the world every thing and to let them knwo what we’re eating like I do. Yesterday I loved not having my phone with me, felt odd going to check it when I was on the bus and it wasn’t there. Also like cash in my purse if its there it’s to be spent and unless I put it away safely it disappears as fast as it enters my bank account 😦

Tomorrow is a haircut and food shopping then who knows.

Oh and I show the international space station go across my house last night. twitter is good for one thing at least 🙂

can you see the space station???
can you see the space station???

So enjoy your hump day and I’ll report back tomorrow

Thank you for reading



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