Another year another 10k

I really, probably, perhaps, shouldn’t have done it, But I went to York yesterday to participate in the 10k race. It was the third one in York, the first being in 2011. I wanted to do this for me. I wanted to banish some demons so too speak, long story.

But this is why I started runningΒ

I nearly didn’t make it. I didn’t sleep properly and had been ill at the beginning of the week. But, as it had been paid for and the thought of the medal spurred me on. I didn’t want to risk the train being late so got the 5:55am train got there ridiculously early, no one except drunks throwing up and curled up in corners, same arriving at york. I tried to catch up on reading, it was cold so I didn’t get far. They’ve now opened a Starbucks in the station much to my delight and thought great I’ll have a coffee on the way to the racecourse. They didn’t put my name on though and I was to scared to ask.

I headed off and Google said roughly 30mins. It took me 15mins. Must have been the coffee. I sat at a Β table and tried pinning my number on my top, in the end I had to go ask for some smaller pins which they were giving out. I decided it would be best to get changed early and do a loo stop before the crowds gathered. Whilst in there a notice said ‘can hold 7 people’ it meant can take 7 flushes or something but again there were not enough loos. I’m sure there was more last time.

I decided like a few others to plonk myself down on the grass and await the warm-up, if I needed the loo again (which I did) I would wait until half way round. Can’t remember if Leeds had portaloos half way round or not. Anyway it turns out I could have got the 7:38 train and would have made it in plenty of time as warm-up didn’t start until 8:45. oh well.

Whilst sat daydreaming, I hear my name called, looked up and a lovely young man said it’s Helen isn’t it, I replied yes and he told me he was Stuart and chatted on Twitter. I couldn’t believe it. finally met a fellow runner and could put a face to a twitter name. and is was the loveliest chap, and I think I let him get a word in or two. πŸ˜€

I decided after no training, I would have to go in the joggers bit rather than runners. I started off really gentle too, oh and I left my iPod in my bag but didn’t care. I am so glad I did, just listening to the people chattering on the way round and listening to people shouting it was amazing. I managed to do the first 3k on a gentle jog, trying to match people and keeping pace behind others until I felt I could pass, One woman I followed for a whole 1k and then lost her only to meet up towards the end??? I had been walking and jogging and had a loo break!!!

I still can’t believe I did it though, I love that course to pieces. Only downside is the congestion on the riverbank as everyone starts to slow down and are in groups so you have to weave in and out but other than that a beautiful course. as I hit the last 2k, I kept telling myself, ‘come on girl’ you can do it. And as I entered the racecourse someone was shouting ‘come on last leg you can see the sign’ and you could. I told myself I couldn’t walk it and geared myself on. As I hit the final stretch I saw people scattered and the time was coming up to 1:17. I couldn’t believe it I was chuffed then I heard ‘2122- Helen Carr’ and I put my arms in the air, as I got closer decided to do a sprint finish, I just hope I didn’t knock anyone over!!

I stayed around a while and got some food and then decided on a sports massage. I am so glad I did as I think my legs would have been worse today. On the way back I only just caught the train and bus, then got in and had a shower and food before crashing on the sofa. I rang my sister up at some point who was a bit freaked out about how much caffeine I had. πŸ˜€ a bit later I went to fetch something from upstairs and found my bad knee had swollen and I couldn’t walk on it, after an icepack and painkillers it was fine again. I even had a bath later to soak my weary body and was passed out by 9pm. πŸ™‚

I was a bit disgusted with the new doctor, and why they had to waste money on a pants show I have no idea, and why wasn’t it Ron Weasley????? or better still Colin Firth??? I mean after appearing in St Trinians anything is possible see below πŸ˜€

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

made my day πŸ˜€

And then to today. I wasn’t that bad or I thought I wasn’t until I got into town and couldn’t walk as fast as I wanted to. My body wouldn’t let me. I also was a bit hard of hearing. But I think that was because people kept on mumbling for some reason. At some point during the day my sister sent a message saying I’m watching Knightmare. I loved that programme, I think as kids we tried to play it, but I always wanted to go on the quest.

‘side step left, side step left, slide forward’ hooray they’re through the door!

‘Stuart you’re in a clue room’

How daft was this game, shuffling and walking and relying on someone guiding you and not dropping into the pit of despair? I’m going to have to catch up on some episodes, just for the nostalgia. If you haven’t seen the latest click below.

‘and who the hobgoblins are you?’

They brought it back!!! they did it in Norwich! They brought it back!!!!

Oh and thank you to everyone on Twitter for their support, it meant a lot. I can now say I can do anything if I put my mind to it and don’t listen to other people who quite clearly are jealous or not brave enough to do it themselves.

Thank you for reading



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