Happy Yorkshire Day everyone

I have to admit this one crept up on me, I am an adopted Yorkshire person and can’t believe that I hadn’t heard about it until today, and it’s my day off!!!


I’ve just checked out the web for events and found some quite interesting ones see here

There is one that has stuck out for me, being arty and I think I may have to pay a visit;

The Victorian Print Shop
Craven Court, for six weeks
The Victorian press is a hands on working printshop using the tools that printers used around the turn of the 1900s. Opens at Craven Court on 1 August and runs for six weeks.’

I remember the old presses at uni (they still have them by the way!!) Where you had to set each letter and add spaces and then send it through the press (think that was a letterpress) Then we had screen printing, I just love all the creative stuff which doesn’t involve a computer but you’re very own hands to create a unique piece.

Today I have been out to sort the important stuff and now I have spent the afternoon ‘just chilling’ and trying to catch up on bookclub without nodding off. My body is telling me to rest after catching a stomach bug at the beginning of the week. But my brain won’t settle so I’m just going to post this then crash out for a bit and see what happens.

Oh and I stumbled across a fantastic stationary shop with lots of little exciting objects, only managed to knock one thing over, considering I knocked a glass of water over this morning I’m doing well 😀

Hope everyone has a good yorkshire day! 😀

Thank you for reading



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