‘We could’ve been anything that we wanted to be’

For some reason this song keeps popping up and I now wish I’d tried to get the soundtrack and DVD from That’s Entertainment while it was still open.

Silly me.

Oh well. This week has been bizarre, it’s seemed to have been on a go slow. Apart from certain bodily functions. sorry, but I’ve caught a stomach bug and it’s completely drained me and I hate it when this happens. Living on your own has it’s perks but not when feeling rubbish. 😦

The downsides, are

  • You have to do everything yourself. The fairies won’t come, I’ve tried that one.
  • The bills can’t be split so you have to watch what you use, so everything gets turned off when not in use. Heating is used at a minimum.
  • Cooking. Always make too much then freeze it then forget about it or as has recently happened you end up eating the same stuff  for 3 days and that gets a bit boring
  • Fresh food comes in bulk and goes off quicker than you can say ‘open sesame!’
  • When food shopping, and rely on a bus, sometimes getting carried away can make it difficult to bring back. I’ve limited myself to one basket which can equal 5 bags if I’m clever in the way of loading the basket. At the moment I don’t have far for the bus stop to my door. But that could change 😦
  • When ill you have to look after yourself and if you’re squeamish like me it’s not pleasant and you have to get a bit tough with yourself. This really hasn’t worked.
  • There’s nobody to share you’re day with and end up on FB or Twitter to feel like you’re not alone.
  • Did I mention the housework is left to you? I did. Yes I don’t like washing up or ironing.
  • cooking for one isn’t fun and microwave meals aren’t all that great. 😦
  • It can get boring and it’s bloody hardwork.
washed up after 4 days

However their are some advantages of being on your own.

The upsides are:

  • You can be as untidy as you like.
  • You can wear what you like
  • You can sing as much as you like and no one complain
  • You can watch the trashy films and no one can complain
  • You can shut the world out and just wallow if you feel like it or in my case recently get all your work done that’s been piling up in the comfort of your own home.
  • You don’t have to share a bathroom

I’ve ran out of good points. But I do enjoy living on my own sometimes. I just get bored and in the morning I sometimes find myself leaving the house earlier and earlier just to see another human being (after I’ve had coffee) and then babble on at 90 miles an hour just because there’s someone there to say hi to and let them know about what’s going on.

The latest edition of book club for South Leeds Community Radio has been aired and it’s the best yet. I think It’s brilliant, and once again it’s come around to quick as it’s next week! eeks. I’m so proud of it and gained a few new friends. I love booklcub! I also love the radio station, just wish I had time to a bit more for them. I think I need to make time.

So here’s to midweek and another day off tomorrow. I feel rubbish, from the stomach bug I caught but have loads of things to do. So tomorrow I’ll get as much done by lunch and then I’m going to crash out on the sofa and try catch up on sleep. Wish me luck

Thank you for reading



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