sun, gardening, rain, icecream, blogging, reviewing all in a day’s work

I’m sat watching the last to episodes of BBC’s Pride and Prejudice on Channel 20. Of course I’ve caught Mr Firth at his finest (even though I did miss the pond moment). *faints*

By now, if you follow my blog you will now you know I am a big fan of Colin Firth especially his part of Mr Darcy in this. I read the book years ago, I got it for 30p from a charity shop and fell in love with that and then the drama series. I have visited Lyme park but did not find the pond, but I would love to go back.


Today I set out to sort the reviews out for book club but instead cleared the rest of the garden after eating a bacon and tomato sandwich from the local cafe. It’s much easier to pull up weeds when the garden is wet with little tools. It looks a lot better. It just looks a bit strange everytime I look out.

I have spent the afternoon doing a couple of book reviews, I think I’ve lost my mojo. I think with so much going on lately I’ve lost the ability to review like I did, we’ll soon see.

I intended to read this afternoon but wanted to sort these out and didn’t realise how long it would take. At least the house is tidy, and I can spend the rest of the week catching up with reading. I feel settled today, all because I’ve been pottering about. As soon as I get used to being on my own I end up wanting to share things with others, especially the housework. It sometimes gets too much. I really do need a smaller space, but when looking you get ‘studio flats’ which cost almost the same and mean you get a room which is your kitchen,living room and bedroom in one but you have to go outside to share the bathroom. It’s one extreme to the other, go in a shared house and have a room and shared amenities but as soon as someone moves out you have to pay double or triple the rent until someone moves in, or perhaps as I just said a ‘larger room’ aka studio flat for almost the same as the four floor house i’m in now. It’s mental. And now the government want to have the ‘spare bedroom’ tax. I think MPS should be charged ‘spare house’ tax see how they like it.

So to a new week another month is to begin and the fast approach of that horrible season that drives everyone into a fit of histerea. *shudders*

I hope you all have  a good week and remember, we don’t have to spend lots if any money to have a good day. and once in a while take some time out from the world and put things in order. it’s amazing what it can do.

Thank you for reading.



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