In my office

I’m sat on the floor in the living room as I needed to spread out. I realised I have turned into my Dad as he always had a little corner or area near his chair where he  kept his paperwork. I have a fold-up table next to the sofa along with the bookshelf of crap beside it. I have just gone through stuff for book club and my bag for work tomorrow. Days off go quick but this one thankfully has felt like it lasted ages for once. Plus I have got loads done. GO ME!!!

My sister commented on how I update what I’m doing on Facebook and twitter, I don’t know why she’s complaining, I know I use it too much and sometimes give too much info, but at least she knows I’m busy. I did however forget to talk to her about our project we were thinking of starting so miss Carr of you read this remind me tomorrow to speak to you about it.

So I have sorted the paperwork into piles and separated the discarded what I didn’t need, whether I can find anything again is a different matter. I just need to update my filofax with work dates and holidays and book club dates. I also need to start two books – a re read of Mrs Frisby and to start The Fictional Man for Sunday. Might try reading both at once!!!

I’ve tried to avoid watching TV and just listen to music or this morning listen to the sounds happening like the washing machine whirring, the fridge gurgling and the cars going past the house. I’ve also been listening to The Shrek soundtrack which made me want to listen to The Eels album. I haven’t done this for such a long time. I couldn’t. It brought back painful memories. It was always my favourite album since being in Leeds and now I can listen to it again and again and feel a sense of calm.

I went to the physio this afternoon and he tried to get me to make my leg go floppy and I couldn’t I just simply can’t relax, I’ve realised my legs are quite tight even when sitting down. And god knows what happens at night time when I’m starfishing. The fact I’ve been pottering about, writing reviews, catching up on reading, I do actually feel quite chilled out. How bizarre.

I saw on a blog or on Twitter someone doing a lucky dip with their book list, so I decided to copy. I emptied the candle jar inspired by IKEA and like at book club took form my list of to-reads and wrote them on slips of paper folded them and popped them in this jar. I now have a unique ornament on the mantlepiece.  This is my challenge of my book choices for 2013, I think I have got distracted with other choices/new reads I have only read 3. So I changed the list slightly *slaps wrists* and popped all them in a jar and after puffins next week I will be raiding it for something to read not linked to book club.

One last thing. Always put cd’s back in their rightful cases otherwise you might get a surprise and not what you wanted to listen to. Hello Snow patrol and not FUN. Oh good thing I like them.

Thank you for reading.



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