Don’t stop me now!!!


The weekend is nearly here! one more sleep and a day at work and then my first weekend off in ages and I get to see my Mum and sister and Milo the jack russell. I am so excited.


Tonight after work I had my haircut, I felt like a weight lifted off my head. my hair is quite thick and even though it’s layered by the time it’s in need of a cut I just want to chop it all off, but I hate having it short as you can’t tie it back and it doesn’t suit me short. My hair feels so light and fluffy I can’t stop stroking it. Did I say that out loud?


I can’t wait for the weekend. I haven’t been to Spennymoor Gala in years. it’s going to be so exciting. I remember as a kid sitting on the kerb and waiting as the floats went by and watching and then trying to catch the sweets they threw and I’ll be joining in this year trying to get some just for the fun of it 😀

Last night I tried sorting out my diary and have worked out I go to four boookclubs and have managed to space it out to alomost one a week. go me. I love bookclub it’s the best thing since sliced cake. However I’ve become so distracted with meaningless things that I have let my work pile up. So after my treat up home I’m going to knuckle down and get stuff down and perhaps look at promoting all four clubs in some way. If you wish to join us it’s 3 of Leeds Book Club’s I attend – White Swan, Puffins and Outlaws and South Leeds Community Radio’s Bookclub (next one the 10th of July!), as I feel very honoured to be a part of them. Join us and have a chat, cake and a reet good time.

Thank you for reading



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