Meeting an Author: Jeffrey Deaver

Awaiting Jeffrey Deaver’s arrival

I can’t remember if it was in store in Leeds or Waterstones fb page that Jeffrey Deaver was signing his latest book. I rang my sister, and said I’d try to get the new one if I could afford it but in the ned I got two of her favourite books signed. Very cheeky of me I know as he is promoting his latest, but other people had the new book and a collection of others. I was 3rd in the queue after a half hour wait, I think when I was there, there was around a dozen people.

I felt really silly as I haven’t read any of his books, but went up with the two paperbacks, he shook my hand and said hello, and I said ‘these are for my sister as you are her favourite author’ and he said ‘why thank you’ and wrote a message in each for her. Off I skipped after blushing up and instantly rang my sister to babble down the phone that I had met yet another author.

while I was stood waiting a couple of men started talking to me and I had to keep saying ”m not sure I just know he’s written the bone colelctor’ One of them said ‘Do you think he’ll let me have my photo taken with him as that would make my day?’ Funny how we get obsessed with people and things. Take a look at my obsession with John Connelly, Colin Firth and now Neil Gaimen (I must meet him!!!)

So I would like to give a big thanks to Mr Deaver and promise once I get my hands on my sister’s spare copy of the bone collector I’ll start reading your books.

Thank you for reading



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