If you want me….I’ll be over here


Over the weekend I had very little signal on my phone unless I went across to the fields opposite my Mum’s house. I don’t have Facebook on my phone only Twitter. It’s so much easier to have T instead of FB. I get fed-up with FB sometimes as it can be quite depressing.  Although it has reunited me with some family members so I give it that.  However I do have moments where I am constantly on there or hardly any. So I’ve decided. I am quitting Facebook for a bit and sticking with Twitter and the blog. My sister told me I can’t as she wouldn’t know what I was up to. I practically speak to her everyday. 🙂

Trying to find signal while Milo does a good impression of Sherlock Holmes
Trying to find signal while Milo does a good impression of Sherlock Holmes

Top ten for the week:

1. George Orwell – brilliant article HERE

2. List of Ebooks I’m searching for The Glass Key – Dashiel Hammelt. The Moving Toyshop – Edmund Crispin,The Fictional Man – Al Ewing and looking to get a paperback copy of this see HERE

3. Happy that I don’t need to buy a Father’s day gift this year and it won’t be appreciated

4. Start to cook meals from scratch again now bank balance is  a bit more flush

5. Buy new clothes and shoes

6. Get caught up on reading have 6 books to read and reveiw in next two weeks -EEEKKKKSSSS

7. Enjoy the sun while it lasts

8. Have another clear out

9. Do exercises for knee

10. stop taking everything to heart and caring about things. it’s simply not worth it.

‘The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.’

Oh and you can follow me on Twitter @isfromupnorth

Thankyou for reading



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