Banana Hammock!

It’s true what they say, we all need a break sometimes. We need to get away from everything and just leave it behind. In my case I make things hard for myself and when I have time off find the first day a complete waste as I’m always dreading a phone call or email/text asking about something. In one sense when I visit Mum I can get away with this as I have very little phone network up there unless I’m in the centre of Durham, in a field opposite Mum’s or down Spenny. However if like over the weekend I’m in reading a book or sat in the garden there is no point me wasting battery power as my phone can’t connect to anything.

It’s funny if you switch off your phone or don’t look at it how it can make the day seem longer and make you not feel so tense. I wonder what or how we coped before the instant communication thingy-a-majiggy started. I know at school we only had a landline in the house and one time I was really ill and in the nurses room trying to sleep it off because Mum had gone shopping and the couldn’t get hold of her for ages.

These days if you don’t answer a text straight away or answer the phone (I do this myself) People get annoyed. I got annoyed with the iphone and facebook because if you read the message it marked it as seen and that’s not fair because it makes the other person wonder why you didn’t reply asap.

Over the weekend I met with my sister and cousin and had a really good time, had lunch, icecream, climbed the 345 or so steps to the top of Durham Cathedral, had donuts. Then the rest of the time was catching up with Mum, taking Milo out on lots of wallks and managing to read two books on my kindle.

I also past my love of stardust on to my sister. Well I’ve gave her the book and film. I was watching the film and she said ‘what on earth are you watching?’ and I replied ‘Just wait and see, I love this film ‘it’s my feel-good film’ it always cheers me up’. By the end of it she loved it hence why I gave her my copy. I replaced mine along with another herbie film πŸ™‚

So as usual my time off has flown by, spent too much money but it was well worth it. Let a few people down and feel really bad about it but last week was just the last straw for me and the time off was very much needed. I felt so much relaxed when I was at the station awaiting to come back but as usual it feels like I wasn’t away 😦

I have gained more books again, really can’t help it. I got sunburnt and managed to leave all my notes for book club at home 😦 However I don;t think it affected the meet-up even if it was a bit nerve racking. Another one tonight but this time for the radio. Oh and if you read the previous post it was just some mad ramblings from a dream.

Tomorrow is Thursday. I can’t wait to go back to work as I miss my colleagues. Fingers crossed not too much has changed.

So my advice to you. on your day off, switch off your phone, the world won’t come to an end and if something bad does happen it’s not your fault and it may have happened regardless of whether people could get hold of you or not. It’s time to learnt to switch off once in a while.

Facebook status this morning:

‘what a banana hammock. Make sure you get details of bank account right (yes another problem) 2. Try to stop being a paranoid android (fat chance) 3. Become a super hero and prevent stuff getting soaked because you over filled washing machine. 4. stop thinking/reading too much into things that aren’t there, not everyone is watching you/cares about you. 5. Be pleased to have filled another bag of books for trinity. 6. Be very proud of hosting one of LBC clubs and it didn’t go to badly. 7. and even prouder that we have another edition of SLCR bookclub tonight!!!’

Oh and one more thing, the council and government need to think about what they’re doing to the countryside regarding new housing. I got a massive shock to see how much the fields had changed since I had grown up and left. I walked Milo one morning to see where once stood a massive filed with a factory on it covered with house only an inch apart. further down I knew of the factory set up there and how they had done their best to disguise it with trees (still not grown properly yet). Further up the road where the old black and Decker factory used to be is now thousands of houses and a pub. A library, shops and swimming centre was promised but they ran out of money and built more houses. What annoys me is how close they are and now they want to take over Durham golf course to build more and in Spennymoor build more on the fields opposite Mum. There’s a few issues with this. The council or whoever took away the bus service for the area and instead of 4-6 services your lucky if there are two buses an hour. There is also no where for kids to play, again play areas were promised. They’ve also closed down schools and knocked them down and built houses on them. What are these people doing to our towns and countryside? Please stop and let us have some green areas. All them people in that small area are going to cause so many problems. It just looks like if you want to live anywhere these days you have to own a car. shocking.

And next door can buggar off with their music to!

What I’ve been looking at today:


Anyone else remember this? I loved it!
Anyone else remember this? I loved it!

8651_10151731494902952_736105824_n 971459_10151541865863124_2016714357_n

In my case coffee


Interesting bookmarks:

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