A great weight has been lifted off of my shoulders

What a day! Again another week of things not appearing to go smoothly. Two rotten days at work as people were out enjoying the sun. Then yesterday management came in and we had a good overhaul of stock. I do not want to see another grey t-shirt if it is possible. We spent two hours folding! Poor man!

Might not want to google atlas ever again (lots of random pics)

Book review by me here šŸ™‚


So yesterday was the better day, We are top store apparently, I love that, I was never top at school and to be top at work is bloody fantastic. I try hard everyday, I’m in really early everyday to check everything is working and set-up. I love it. It’s fab, and the team I have is amazing and like today we both felt out of sorts but I felt I should take on more partly being boss and partly being older I’m used to pushing through as long as I have coffee or sometimes chocolate. šŸ™‚

Last night I got a letter from the bank and there seemed to be a mix-up. I waited outside really early as it now shuts at 5:30 every night šŸ˜¦ and what happens. 15 mins after being sat in 3 different places I get told they can’t deal with it and ring the accounts teak only to find the number is out of order. I got a new number but by this time I was late for work.

So I spent the day worrying what was going to happen. By the time my colleague had come in I was so desperate for coffee it was untrue. I sent her to fetch some and then all was well. It’s just been a long warm day, and that can make people irritable.

So now that all that has been dealt with I feel so much better and so pumped about seeing my family at the weekend and also going to book club on Tuesday Which I’m hosting and Wednesday for the radio. Just got to fit in reading 3 books and making notes plus everything else.

All is good in the world of H. For next 12 hours anyway.

Oh and my book review got retweeted by the lovely people at the radio station šŸ™‚


Thank you for reading



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