Top Ten most inspiring ladies

In no particular order:

1* My Mum. Growing up we had very little but Mum always made sure we had the best she could afford and made sure we kept up on our reading, with visits to the library or for treats buying books from charity shops, once a month we got to buy them mini lego boxes, and she found a large box in the charity shop and brought it home, we still have the collection today and it’s massive. She also knows when there is something troubling me and when I go home she goes out of her way to coook my favourites when I’m quite happy to eat what I’m given. Love you Mum

2.* My Sister. I was always jealous of her when we were yonger, as Dad didn’t seem to pick on her and she always appeared to get away with more stuff and have more confidence. At school I always felt she was the most intelligent out the two and envied how she could do her homewrok the night before as it took me days if not weeks. In recent months, years we have become so close I would be lost without her.

3* My Grandma. Always looked after us when we went to visit, always got us doing stuff, loved playing shop in the pantry. Everytime she went on holiday she used to bring some  amazing gifts back and most of all was an amazing cook, Loved her cornbeef pie and crinkly chips.

4* Selena. good, friend wife of friend/boss. Has so much on yet still has time for people. Has gone through a lot in last 5 years along with Darren trying to get the business off the ground, juggling family life and Marvin the chocolate labrador, she is an inspiration to us all.

5* Rachel, my dearest friend, who I don’t feel like I deserve. With all that’s going on in her life she still has time to listen and guide me especially through sticky times. The most loving, friendly, happy, Norfolk lass I know. And I love her to bits. x

6* Miss Jenny. Only 17 and from the little I know has already been through quite a lot in her young life. Yet she is to hard on herself as she is full of wisdom, has a caring nature, loves anything drama based and is a hard little worker. Oh and keeps sorting my problems out on a Saturday. A credit to our team. x

7* Lynn, another good friend. Again has health issues and takes on everyone else’s troubles except her own and is an amazing cook.  Not mush else to be said there.

8* Carly, Another person who had health issues but didn’t let that stop her. Nights out were amazing and she did her damndest to get to college and try and complete a course.

9* Niamh from bookclub. Has a passion for books and to get everyone reading, hence the 8 bookclubs she’s now set-up. I brilliant writer, an amazing young lady, and a massive inspiration to me this past year.

10*Maz, aka Marie. Known her a very short time while she worked at phones for you. Kept us laughing, made us cups of coffee and spoilt us rotten.

Shove all these lovely ladies in a pot and shake it up and hopefully one day I’ll be like them.

Thank you for reading



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